al-Qaeda Saddam Hussein's regime

Has any evidence been found that Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda terrorist network and Saddam Hussein’s regime were directly connected?

I found this article, but I don’t can’t find confirmation.

There was also this article, which goes into a little greater detail.

I think, as time passes, we’ll find more and more links between Hussein’s regime and terrorist organizations. We already found a link between Hussein and Abu Sayyeff back in late February or early March. More will probably be coming in the next few months, as we uncover more intelligence documents (which will also, in my opinion, lead to WMD facilities and programs).

Of course, you can find “links” between Osama bin Laden and Ronald Reagan and his cabinet.

If what you mena is REAL, substantial evidence that connects Saddam Hussein to bin Laden’s big terrorist acts - 9/11 and the embassy bombings and such - I sincerely doubt it. Not only is there no evidence Iraq was connected to it, there’s not even any good reason to suppose they would be. Bin Laden is (was?) an enemy of the Ba’ath party.

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