question on Mr.Osama bin Laden

Do you think Osama bin Laden is hiding in Pakistan? also, do you think he had ANYTHING to do at all with Mr.Saddam Hussein??

No clue where he’s hiding, myself.

While I can’t say for sure that bin Laden and Hussein directly worked together on anything I’m relatively certain that indirectly they have worked together (if not intentionally, then like a chain-of-events kind of thing) and would not be surprised in the least if they coordinated 9/11 or anything else like that together.

well…Im one of those people who belive that Osama and Hussein didnt have anything to do with each other, initially.......but only during the later stages it may have happened that when Hussein knew that war was inevitable, he might have had SOME links with osama.But then Im pretty much sure that Hussein had nothin to do with 9/11.

nikjoshi, welcome to the boards and I have to commend you on your polite manners calling them Mr. Osama bin Laden and Mr. Saddam Hussein. Being polite is always a good policy as you never know where you might end up or whose help you might need some day.

Since we are in GD and not in IMHO I will ask for some evidence supporting your assertion that they have “worked together”.

I believe what he is suggesting is that they both have/had it in for the United States and thus have “worked together” inasmuch as they have both been in conflict with the US.

Since this is a “do you think” thread I’m going to treat it as a GD/IMHO since it’ll probably be there soon anyway.

Personally, I believe Saddam is in Syria, and there he should be left, since the Syrians aren’t particularly fond of him and he won’t pose much threat. Either that or he’s in pieces in that Baghdad hotel.

Bin Laden is probably still around Peshawar (northern Pakistani town) and there, I imagine, he will live out his natural; he’ll probably set up (or has already) some form of narcotics ring to replace the assets he’s had frozen.

I heard a rumor he’s hanging out in IMHO, myself.

Let’s go see…

No, I saw Osama the other day out on the town with with Glen Miller, Lord Lucan and Shergar.

He was hanging with Elvis and JFK, but they threw him out when he saw Marilyn’s ankle and called her a whore.

So far, I’m hearing exactly what polls suggest I should be hearing. :stuck_out_tongue: A lot of people who assume they must’ve worked together (despite the fact that they hated each other) just because they must’ve.

There, Afghanistan, or New Jersey, yes.

In case the previous didn’t settle my take on it, no, especially since we’ve been hearing for months that Mr. S put out feelers with Mr. O’s people and was turned down.

Figures. Bin Laden and Saddam are “Mr.”, and I’m lucky if I get “Hey, f*ckface”.

You and me, Pal.


Given the fact that Osama main stated aim is to depose “apostate” regimes (i.e. ones that are not, in his opinion, religiuos enough) from mulsim lands. He would be extremely unlike likely to work with a secular dictator he described (in his Feb. '03 audio tape as an infidel socalist.

Don’t forget that Osama Bin Laden offered (to the Saudi government) to sic the forces of al Qaeda against Iraq during the first Gulf War.

The notion that bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are working together/have worked together is believable only to folks who don’t know the details.

So is the voice on the audio tape that encouraged the Sauhis to “fight even with the socialists against the Americans” Bin Laden?


Yes, that probably was him. Encouraging people to fight alongside Iraq against America (and not actually doing it yourself) strikes me as quite a long way from actively working with them. While both bin Laden and Hussein hated America, their ultimate goals are extremely different. One has a sweeping vision of religious fanatacism and a clash between his faith and the forces of evil. The other pretty much just wanted to get rich and oppress his people.