IF Saddam and Bin Laden Were to Have a Press Conference Together

What happens? Let’s say that Saddam decides his best hope against the US is to try and unite the Arab world, by bringing in Osama Bin Laden (assuming he’s still alive), and they announce this at a press conference of sorts. (Say, one photographer and reporter who’ve no idea where they’re going or who’s going to be there until they get there.) What does the rest of the world say at that point? Does it strengthen or weaken the US’s hand in the matter? Of course, this is assuming that Bin Laden’s alive and that he and Saddam would be willing to do such a thing. I can imagine that many in the anti-war camp wouldn’t change their position over this, claiming that Bush forced Saddam into such an alliance. (And let’s try to keep this one civil, shall we? I’ve tried to avoid loaded language in the OP, so I ask that others to please do the same.)

GWB: <big, homeboy grin> “I’m a little bit Country…”

OBL: <leg kick, ruffles shawl>“And I’m a little bit Rock & Roll!”

Is anybody else here old enough to remember the Saturday Night Live Sketch discussing “What if Eleanor Roosevelt could fly?” featuring a historian and an aeronautical engineer discussing the implications?

I think that about sums up my views on many of these “what-if” hypothetical threads.

jshore: remember the Ubermann “what if?” sketch, where the baby Superman lands in Germany instead of the American midwest and grows up to wreak havoc on Allied forces in WWII?

Good times…

Well, they hate each other almost as much as they hate the US. I suppose its slightly possible as they are both (assuming OBL is still alive) willing to put aside their differences for fight us. It won’t be good for Saddam, though, which is why it won’t happen.

Yep - they hate each other with a deep seeded passion, it’ll never happen.

For the purposes of the OP. They would most likely talk about how they are going to annihilate the United States - they’d use thick language and silly remarks directed towards GWB and the United States. The Saddam would ask OBL, “… well first of all how the holy hell do we get them off my front lawn ?”

That would be a good time to have a machine gun handy.

Yes, something about “2 birds with one stone”.

They hate each other? Can anyone expand on that a little?

Don’t have the detailed cites handy – will check from home later if the rehearsal tonight ends tonight (and not very early tomorrow)…

OBL has referred to Saddam Hussein as an infidel. OBL is a religious leader who wants a religious muslim state (think “Taleban”) and Saddam is a secular leader who wants to be a powerful military figure.

There is a strong rumor that, after the Iraqi incursion into Kuwait (which precipitated Gulf War I), OBL offered to remove Saddam Hussein from power, and to set up a government in his place. The Saudis were not impressed with the thought of OBL as a neighbor, and went to the US instead.

This might also explain some of OBLs hatred of the US presence in Saudi Arabia…

Here’s a quick cite which is the best I can do at short notice…

Interesting stuff, thanks.

You’re wrong, Tuckerfan. My biggest beef with this war (aside from the fact that we have an unconstitutionally appointed President who wants to wage unconstitutional war) is that there is no link between OBL and Saddam, except for the fact that they both look kind of swarthy to American eyes. If either the scenario you suggested happened or any evidence that Iraq was behind the 9/11 attacks OR the anthrax attack OR assisted Al Qaeda, then I’d get on board. But there just isn’t any evidence. If there was, we’d have heard it by now. What baffles me is the pro-war crowd who apparently can’t distinguish between murderous Islamic fundamentalists and Ba’athist Arab Nationalists.

vib, I didn’t mean to imply that all those opposed to the war would remain opposed to it if OBL showed up next to Saddam, but I can concieve that some of them would remain steadfastly opposed to the war. It’s just a matter of how many would switch sides.