Alan Keyes daughter queer?

If true, maybe there is a guiding power in the universe, because that would be so… appropriate.

Somewhere over the rainbow

I don’t think it’s real. It just seems too convenient, since Keyes made some nasty remark about Dick Cheney’s daughter. (In his defense [!], it was in response to a direct question and what on earth do you think he’s gonna say? “Homosexuals are all sinners unless their dads are powerful Republicans”?)

Who cares anyway? Come November, Keyes will get his ass kicked all the way back to Maryland. Good riddance.

Appropriate? I’d rather consider how much fun it would be to be gay and have such an openly and unapologetically homophobic father.

Too often folks think it’s “appropriate” or whatever for folks against X thing to end up having X in their lives (I believe Jesse Helms was something of a poster child for this). Maybe it would be more compassionate for us to think about those who are most personally affected by that despised X, whatever it might be, and get our kicks from something else.

Like those who hope that “Dr.” Laura’s son turns out to be gay?

If Keyes did have a lesbian daughter, I would imagine that unlike Cheney, he’d end up disowning her.

…which, frankly, might come as a relief.

Or how about Strom Thurmond ? Staunch segregationist who still thought it okay to have sex outside of his race and had an illegitimate daughter as a result.

Ah, that would be some of that cognitive dissonance, the subject of a pit thread of recent:)

Also, “Alan Keyes daughter queer”? Is that like Berthold Brecht’s Mother Courage?

It is kind of nice to see the kids of homophobes turning out to be homosexual. Besides the humor of them having to actually confront the idea that queers are actual people, it also gives support to the argument that it isn’t upbringing that “causes” homosexuality.

Maybe we should start a pool on who the next child of a conservative politician to come out will be.

I’ve heard the Bush twins are gay with each other.

Well, maybe I haven’t.

Yeah. I had that dream too.

Illinois Leader story here, in case you want more than a blog.

I can’t wait for Alan Keyes and Dick Cheney to have their own PFLAG chapter. :smiley: