Alan Rickman: "blahblahblahHOWEVER . . ."

Anybody else notice this Rickman quirk? I’ve been seeing it mostly recently in the Harry Potter movies, but I’m sure I’ve seen him do it elsewhere too. Example from HP4:

“The use of veritaserum on a student is, regrettably, forbidden.However, <pause> blahblahblah.”

I don’t recall the exact dialogue, but he did it in HP1 in his first classroom scene and again in HP4 in Dumbledore’s office right after Harry’s name came out of the Goblet of Fire. I haven’t had time to watch the other HP movies specifically for examples to give here, but I’m pretty sure they’re there. As well in other movies (Die Hard, Galaxy Quest).

Does he have this written into his contract? He does it so deliciously well. I loves me some eeeevil Rickman.

I haven’t noticed. However, if Alan Rickman does it, it must be good. :slight_smile:

Does he do it in Robbin Hood: Prince of Thieves?

Maybe he just likes dramatic pauses. :wink:

Unhelpfully: I don’t remember if he does it in Hithhiker’s Guide either… But I’ll listen for it.

Great, the spirit of volunteerism that makes the Dope the coolest place on the internets!

I’ll go screen Love, Actually, and try to remember to look for it.

He does it in Die Hard a few times.

Ah-HA! So it’s NOT just me!

I haven’t seen any of the other movies mentioned here. It’ll be interesting to find out if he does it in any of them.

Even if he doesn’t, the character of Severus Snape just demands a delivery like that. Nothing else would work.

He also does it in Dogma. But then he’s playing an Angel, and is meant to be just a bit insufferable there.

Anything done by Alan Rickman is automatically a good thing.

In the HP with the giant snake, when they find the cat hanging in the hall, Snape goes against the anti-Harry mood with a "Perhaps Mr. Potter is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time…HOWEVER,…
Just off the top of my head

I don’t recall, but doesn’t he do it in Truly, Madly, Deeply? IMHO a much better film than Ghost.

-Who made the wall?
-Alan Brickman.
OK, I need coffee. Now.

I’m pretty sure he does it in Love, Actually when in his office with Laura Linney and outting her with her forbidden crush.

Anything by Alan Rickman is awesome.

I do seem to recall him doing this at least once (and possibly more, given the sheer volume of exposition he had to get out) as the Metatron in Dogma.