I just found out my wife thinks Severus Snape is hot

…specifically, as portrayed by Alan Rickman in the latest HP movie.

Is she a complete freak of nature, or are there others who share this…[snapeish pause]…sentiment?

Only half the female fan base of the movies.

:eek: really?

Seriously, I had no idea he was findable attractivable.

When I was in college (the time of the first two movies), I knew several girls who were crazy about Alan Rickman/Snape. I mean CRAZY. So yeah, your wife’s feelings are not unusual among HP fans.

My wife is in that club too. She’s had a thing for Alan Rickman since that Robin Hood movie.

I’ve never seen any of the movies or read any of the books, but dark, brooding, long-haired, cloaked Alan Rickman? Yes, please, I’ll take two if you have 'em!

Well, of course he is! Who wouldn’t be interested in a tortured soul, a loner who seems to be just begging for some understanding and some compassionate love?

Plus he’s well read, funny and mysterious. What’s not to like?

It’s the voice.

However . . .

…and hey, if you cut his hair and wash out the black dye you’ve got Colonel Brandon, so it’s win, win.

I adore Alan Rickman. First saw him in that Robin Hood movie and it’s been love ever since. (Never saw Die Hard although I think that’s when he first really came to the attention of American audiences.) Yes to Colonel Brandon, and yes to Love Actually and yesyesyes to Truly Madly Deeply.

Severus Snape? Not so much, but I know that underneath is really Alan Rickman, so yes.

Alan Rickman is hot, and I thought so well before he was Severus Snape.

Canon Snape from the book is supposed to be physically unattractive, though, trust me, plenty of women were in love with him long before the movies were made.

But Alan Rickman? Who on earth doesn’t find Alan Rickman attractive? (Assuming you find men attractive at all, of course.) His Snape is almost universally considered hot, hot, hot.

I would have to agree. I just came back from watching the latest HP movie, and damn if he didn’t look hot as usual. (continues to drool over Alan Rickman)

This. Hell, I’m a straight man and I think Rickman is hot.

It has nothing to do with anything in the Harry Potter universe.

Rowling herself is fairly boggled by the whole thing - ditto for the love of Draco.

Rickman and Tom Felton (Draco’s actor) obviously deserve most of the…credit? Blame?

If you’re feeling brave, google “Snapewives”.

Alan Rickman? {{{swoon}}}}

I should think you would want him to wash his hair.

Rickman made a cool Bad Guy in Die Hard.

I would have thought the same thing the OP did, until I saw Sense & Sensibility. sigh

You don’t even have to be attracted to men in general to find alan Rickman hot, especially as Snape. He just has something. Perhaps it’s the voice. But Snape has a certain something too, in a bad and wrong way.