Alarm with several timers?

I need an alarm that could be set to ring every two, four, six and eight hours, with a different chime for each interval. Does anyone know of a product that can do this?

not sure what you’re trying to do, but… like this?

The College Alarm Clock is simple to set, lets you use any audio file on your PC as the alarm, and you can open as many copies of it as you want at a time.

Thanks guys, I’m downloading that program now. Nametag, I need an alarm partly because of medication reminders, which is of course, just what you linked to. I’m a caretaker and I need to make sure I give my mother her medications on time, and a reminder for position changes to prevent pressure sores etc. I also need an alarm to remind me to take care of myself (see the forgetting to eat thread in imho).

My mother had problems remembering when to take medicine and when she had taken it, she often used to overdose on morphine.
I bought a Careousel for her and it did the trick for several years up until her death earlier this year.