Alaska Fur Rondy

A short while ago, one of the posters here started a thread entitled, IIRC, “Alaska - am I nuts?” or some such. I think the poster was trying to visit all 50 states in a short amount of time, or…? The discussion was about visiting Alaska, and I made a suggestion to visit during Fur Rondy. I have tried to search the SD message boards, but I apparently don’t know how to do it correctly. Anyway, I have some more news about the Fur Rondy celebration for any interested party.

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Here’s a place in Alaska to try. Ask a few people by email if they know anything about it. The sites are loaded with interesting stuff including pictures of Alaska.

Phobia: Sorry if I misled you - I am trying to provide information on the Fur Rondy, not look for it. My search was for the person who was asking for suggestions about places(“when and where”) to visit while in Alaska. I also provided some sites to look at.

That interested party is me. I’m definitely interested in knowing when the 2000 Fur Rondy will be and any related info (also, you and another Alaskan mentioned some bar with a show called the “Whalefat Follies.” Wouldn’t mind more info on that too).

By all means, post away…or if you’d prefer privacy, the e-mail icon at the top of this message should work fine.


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The Whale Fat follies is hilarious. Unfortunately I believe they are not shown during the Fur Rondy. I think the show is shut down during Jan-Mar. It is at the Fly-By-Night club.

When the 2000 Fur Rondy schedule is set it will be posted here:
I thought there was a more official site but I can’t find it.

Well, it turns out that I have been talking with the gentleman who is the programs director for some of the Fur Rondy shenanigans in Anchorage and he is going to let me in on some of the more obscure events that will be planned for the Fur Rondy. As soon as I get some more info, I’ll let you know.