Zombie Fest!!

A couple of years ago, in my quest to find something scary movie related on the internet, I came across a terrific blog entitled Horrophile (subtitle: High Art – Deep Trash; Pleasure of Nightmares) that I fell in love, became friends with the owner and have now followed devoutly ever since. It’s a great resource for all sorts of little-know horror flicks and the various aspects involved in solid reviews, like really knowledgable insight and trivia to keep the unwashed masses happy. To say I highly recommend it in general would be an understatement, but now I’ll happily submit the most recent offering for Doper consideration. I’m sure it’s one we can all appreciate, especially this time of year…

A LARP just for zombies!!

So, if you wanna get your BRAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS! on, just go visit the (fictional) English village of Willard Valley. Seems this is the third annual event and all undead are welcome. I do believe that I’d be more than willing to save up specifically for a trip across the Pond in October for no better reason than this. Anyone else wanna lurch with 'em (and someday, me)?

Oh, and on further note for anyone who might not be able to access this NZ site (I sometimes have problems), apparently it’s also featured in Bizarre magazine, which is available online as well.

Yanno, you do spell check and somehow you still screw stuff up. ARGH!! Anyway, the name of the site is actually called HorroRphile. Damn lost R! Also, it’s in Australia rather than NZ. Geography is a bitch too. :wink: So if you see this Bryn, you have my apologies, and to everyone else; get to feeding!