Albert , Albert 2 by 4 can't fit through the bathroom door - Origin?

Does anybody know the origin of this rhyme used to make fun of fat children? (The name Albert is replaced with the name of the actual fat child)

I can find a US newspaper cite from 1935 saying the rhyme the way I remember it from the 1950’s. It was a jumprope song.

“Fatty, Fatty, two by four, can’t get through the kitchen door.”

I can recall the ‘Fatty Fatty’ bit as far back a '26-----and it WAS a jumprope ditty

It pleases me to no end to have someone who remembers 1926 here on this modern day internet thingy. I sure as hell hope I can be like you.

It’ll be easy for you to do.

Just remember that life is a combination of luck,a sense of humor, and the ability to know that,as W.S said it,--------it’s just a stage and we’re all merely players.

This years important people are tomorrow’s “what’s 'is name?”

This years problems eventually become yeserday’s forgotten.

And if you can’t laugh about it—don t look at it.

A depression,WW2, family things--------now looking bace we know that,as
Puck said it,“What fools we mortals be!”.


I don’t remember jumping rope to it in the mid-late 60’s but everybody knew it. At that time it was:

Fatty, fatty two-by-four
Couldn’t get through the bathroom door
So he did it on the floor…

I can’t remember the last line.