Albert, Harold, Russell or Donald?

Well, ladies?

I was always partial to Paul.

oooooooh, another one of your mind games.

If I choose well, I can possibly reach cyber immortality, even briefly.

If I choose, poorly, I probably get some pedofile/rapist.
Ah, what the hell: Russell

By-the-by, whatever became of the infamous Ladies review these picture and what do you think of these guys’ thread? Did it help you out with whatever it was you were doing annnnnnnnnnnd…was I even close ?

I choose

Are these the new Elderly Wiggles? Who wears the red jumper?

“Wake Up, Donald!”

I was hoping that someone would figure this mind game out sooner. If it’ll help, maybe I should add the following options as well: Bucky and Bill.

The threads in question were educational, so yes, they were successful. I’ll be posting a follow up thread sometime, after I gather a few more pictures.

I might also add some threads with female pix in them.

Oh cmon gang, it’s the Cosby Kids! I always thought Rudy got hella ass.

I think these were the names of the last four Cingular customer service reps I talked to. Very common names in Bangalore.

Well, Harold Russell didn’t have any hands, so I’m gonna go with Albert or Donald.

Hey, hey, hey. Fat Albert wears a red sweater everyday.

(Is it just me, or does Fat Albert have obsessive-compulsive disorder? He seems unable to complete a sentence without putting the words “Hey, hey, hey” in it.)

Old weird Harold, He was so tall and skinny that we used to get the football out of trees.