Albeto Gonzales Resigned!

Discuss and curse…

Another White House official flies the coop after the damage has been done, and will probably never answer for his perfidy in any meaningful way. All we have to look forward to now is Bush’s speech lauding him as a good and honest public servant.

Plus ça change…

I came to thread this.
Paraphrasing VunderBob, so long, asshole, and thanks for all the fish.

What exactly is the point of him resigning NOW?

It just makes me wonder who the hell they have waiting in the wings.

Heck of a job, Berty…

No kidding. I couldn’t imagine anybody would make me miss Ashcroft, but he turned out to be a champion of freedom compared to Gonzales. I suppose Bush must be negotiating with Ann Coulter to replace Gonzales, if the trend continues.

Word has it that the Emperor Chertoff is his replacement.

Misdirection, mostly. As part of the usual ledgerdemain, we are supposed to believe that all will be well after Lord Albertomort resigns. Going by the track record, a lot of people will believe it.

And because Congress still hasn’t read Machiavelli, his successor will get an easy ride to confirmation.

“Well, he’s got to be better than the last guy.”

I don’t care if he’s resigned! IMPEACH HIM ANYWAY! (Nixon, too.)

Don’t you think this topic deserved a better OP? At least some satirical humor. You got the first thread on the topic into the pit - congratulations, but it will be crippled by your anorexic treatment until it sinks inevitably off the first page and into obscurity.

Oh, that hardly matters. Any old OP would do, the topic is juicy enough all of its own.

Today’s pig, tomorrow’s bacon. It is well.

One small blow to diversity, one great stride for justice.

I disagree. If you can’t be arsed to put something into it, have the courtesy to leave it for somebody else. There isn’t any prize for “First Thread, Beeotches!” The OP isn’t even one full sentence in length.

Who’s next?

Not the new attorney general. I mean who’s going to be the next Bush admin official to resign amidst serious controversy and investigation?

From what I can see, there really isn’t anyone important left to quit. Either the whole “multiple horrific political scandals” thing blows over and goes away, or Bush himself is going to start getting looked at pretty closely. My money’s on the first one.

There’s still Cheney. Plenty of scandals there!

Now, Universe, I know I haven’t been a very good pantheist…

Listne… Ashcroft to Gonzales to Chertoff… we just need to elect Bush another 3 or 4 times, and we will have the ideal AG. Doesn’t anyone else see the value of progression, here?

Quite right. The USA’s population of amnesiacs is no longer fairly represented in Washington.