Alcohol and Number 1

      • I have no idea of where this will go, but, -
      • Why is it when women get massivly drunk (we’re talking slamming way to much at once, lying on the ground drooling and puking, courting an emergency-room visit - drunk) they pee their pants? I have only seen a couple guys do this in my whole life, but more than a few women. Am I only seeing what I want to see? How many guys piss their pants when really drunk? - MC

Geeze, if you’ve never been drunk enough to shit your pants, you’ve never been really drunk.

  1. Alcohol acts as a diuretic; you make much more urine from 1 liter of alcohol-containing liquid than from 1 liter of water. The more alcohol in that liter (mixed drink > wine > beer), the more urine you make.

  2. Women generally have smaller bladders.

  3. There is a much shorter distance between the bladder & the pants in a woman than in a man… In a woman, urination occurs when muscles around the urethra relax. A man would generally have to be comatose for involuntary urination to occur.

  4. Also, actions like laughing, coughing, & vomiting that may occur when intoxicated cause sudden increases in abdominal (and therefore bladder) pressure & may cause some urine to leak. Again, due to anatomic differences, only in women.

Sue from El Paso

Strange. The only drunks I seen pee their pants are men.

I saw a show on TLC about this subject.
They said women’s bodies didn’t metabolize alcohol as fast as men’s.
A group of equal parts of men & women drank the same amount of alcohol in the same amount of time. Then all were given breath analyzer tests. All the women tested higher than the men.
Their point was alcohol is more dangerous for women.

Like hot tubs, doesn’t alcohol make women feel sexier, but gives men a limp bisket?

Um, so, you’re, uh, saying drunk women wet their pants cuz they are feeling sexy?

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Hmmm, I have been drunker than I care to admit, and I have never wet my pants. I have, however, witnessed men doing it.

handy, my 10th-grade Health class would agree with you. We were taught that although alcohol lowers inhibitions, and thus may increase desire, it prevents males from being able to “follow through,” as it were.

That being said, I think that was a lie intended to convince drunk teenage boys to keep their clothes on. My field experiments have shown no decrease in function, even on that one night I was drunk enough to pass out.

handy said - “Like hot tubs, doesn’t alcohol make women feel sexier, but gives men a limp bisket?”

Can’t say my bisket has ever been limp in a hot tub. Quite the contrary. Sex in a hot tub is fantastic.

There was an entire theory on this behavior bandied around by some of my college buddies freshman year. This is from the male point of view, and this theory was my roommate’s and not my own.

There is the existance of a range of BAC levels that one can term the “lay window.” Specifically, it is the level of drunkenness after “beer goggles” sets in and before “beer dick” sets in. To put it in more scientific terms, the window is the level of drunkenness where you can find a woman attractive enough (given your state of intoxication) to sleep with and still have the ability to do something about it. Apparently, some people have a zero-order window, whereby the beer-dick precedes the beer-goggles.

For the record, I have never experienced either of these phenomena, though liquor does make me randy as hell.

Jason R Remy

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