Female Urination

A while back I remember reading that when a girl/woman loses her virginity, her stream of urine changes its look. Prior to intercourse, supposedly it’s a straight, steady stream - after, it starts to “ribbon”.

I searched the archives, couldn’t find anything Cecil may have said on this. Is this true, a misconception, or am I on crack?

Why would intercourse change your urethra? Now pregnancy/childbirth–that I could see–but sex?

Depends if they’re pissing through a garden hose or not.

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Ha Ha, Alphie. Cher, I totally agree with you - I just wanted to know if anyone else had heard/read that or believed it. I’m trying to do some research on the web about it, but am coming up dry.

Melanie: “coming up dry,” eh? Well no WONDER you can’t help this thread very much…

Remember - Plenty of fluids are good for this problem! If it persists, please contact a physician.

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I think I’ll stay out of this. What ever I say, I’d be all wet.


Put down the pipe and step away from the urinal, mel.

Hmmm, never heard that one. I never noticed any difference. And that’s about the only contribution that I can make to this conversational, uh, stream.

“Put down the pipe and step away from the urinal, mel.”

Ain’t no pipe, Chief, it’s a little funnel thingy. I seen one. (Not mel’s) :slight_smile:

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Thank you for that gynecological insight, mangeorge.

Not a problem, tracer.

Me and my “bigger barrel” have had the occaisonal double stream come out at the commencment of urination. (It seems to me that it only happens when Mr. Happy is “Happy”) I’d say I get it once every other month, with no reasonable explanation. Ok, I think I’m gonna go hide in MPSIMS now…

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Double urethra in males have been known to exist,but…

I know a perfectly healthy girl with three kidneys…

“The world ends when I die. And as far as I’m concerned, the rest of the universe might as well call it a day too.” – Matt Groening

The hymen isn’t very near the pee tube, so how could it have much effect?

However, when a woman starts having sex, the dirt, cum & other crud can clog up the pee tube and cause the pee to not come out quite as straight, although surely not like that fire hose guy in the other message base.

Handy, AFAIK the real danger here for women is urinary tract infection. Since women tend to sit when they pee, the straightness of the stream is probably a non-issue.

Hmm, I seem to be awfully opinionated about people’s urinary habits today. I wonder what’s going on in my subconscious…

–Da Cap’n

Everybody’s a comedian…

Anyhoo, I thought it was a dumb memory as well until I read Handy’s and Capn’s comments. Women do suffer from urinary tract infections by having too much hard, rough or frequent sex so there must be some sort of connection. It’s not like there’s a piece of metal between the two. If the hymen is connected to the skin (?) on the side of the urine canal (urethra?) then it may have some sort of effect when it’s broken. \

Would it be considered bad etiquette to call a urologist and ask, “Is the flow of urine affected when the hymen is broken?”?

Seriously, Melanie, call one.

No joke - I’ve called all kinds of places to ask questions which some would consider “wierd”, and usually, they’ll give you an answer. Just give them some kind of half-assed reason for your call to make it seem legit.

I remember once calling like 10 different places to find out where the pimentos that are stuffed in olives come from. Hey - I was at a bar, it was a bet, I had a cell phone that work was paying for, there was a lot of beer involved…

How the hell would anyone see the female urine stream?

They would have to be right down there…perverts.

Not true. That “ribbon” effect, where the stream is flattened alternately one way then the other so it looks sorta like a chain, can happen any time a stream of liquid is poured. I am curious however why it does that.