2 streams of urine at once?

Why is that when you first start to urinate, it is like 2 streams are coming out that merge and become one stream? And some times after sex, the streams don’t merge and you are peeing on both sides of the toilet bowl?

It’s just because the meatus (the urethral opening) is a funny shape. The phenomenon is known as “the adder’s tongue”, as in “Sorry for the mark on the carpet, love. I had the adder’s tongue this morning.”

We always called it the ‘V’ Stream. :slight_smile:

“Don’t cross the streams!”

Arggh… a rare Ghostbusters movie reference… I wish I had thought of it!

As Malacandra noted, it is due to the urethra not having the perfect circumference of a straw. When you first begin, the penis has probably been folded up in your clothing and is “out of shape” to serve as a pipe. It is not too dissimilar to putting your thumb over the end of a garden hose, changing the shape and force of the flow. As you begin to urinate, the force of the stream pushes out on the side walls and the stream is no longer distorted by the shape of the channel.

After a sexual emission, there is liable to be some residual semen in the channel that will deflect the urine until the semen has been flushed out.

All I know is it’s cool cuz when it happens I like t’ pretend I’m uh aliyun.

And this, ladies and gentlemen (well, mostly gentlemen), is why I always sit down to pee.

Try being uncircumsized. I can get three, four or five streams going depending on how the foreskin is sitting.

Uh, no matter how hard I try…

Never give up!

note to self: do not visualize Biffy attempting this. :smack:

That’s what the three seashells are for, they are handy little deflector plates in case multiple streams occur.

“Honey, the man is here to flush out the semen…”.

And women always complain we can’t hit the bowl… "How tough can it be to hit a foot and a half wide target?’ … Try aiming with two streams that are 90 degrees apart!

Thanks for the OP. I always assumed it happened to me because I’m not circumsized and figured those of you who were would never have to put up with this problem.

Amp, 4 or 5?!? The most I’ve had were 3 and they merged much faster than 2 do.

Urethra?? Bah.

When this happens after sex I’ve usually found it’s due to a stray hair, formerly the property of my true love, strategically positioned across the opening.


So does this happen to women too?