Alcoholism and Abdominal Distention

In this thread there are several references to chronic alcoholics having abdominal distention as a result.

What causes this?

Could be a number of things, but the most common is cysts or fluid accumulation from either liver or pancreas damage caused by the alcohol. Also possible are the masses and tumors that can cause abdominal distention in anyone, alcoholic or no.

OK, this doesn’t answer the question, but I found it while looking for a useful page for you, and it’s so funny I have to share:


I believe scientists have proven a direct relationship between drinking and pregnancy. A similar study that found some interesting facts about Red Wine consumption.

So, the liver and more than likely the pancreas become damaged and that leads to cysts? Or is it that the damage leads to some kind of edema?

Very helpful, thank you.

If anyone else is interested, I found a good explanation here.