ALEC's next move: Go local!

You might have heard of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a somewhat secretive, corporate-funded RW organization that produces model legislation for conservative state legislators to introduce as bills.

Sometimes it works.

In fact, it has worked out so well, apparently, that now they’re forming a new organization to do the same with local governments:

Be warned. This approach could be even more successful, just because local politics get so little attention even from locals. Press your city council members or whatever as to whether they have had any communication at all with the ACCE!

Here’s another example of ALEC’s work:

More on ALEC’s funding-sources. The Koch Brothers head the list, of course.


No, boooooo. That’s all we need, more corporate influence on local politics.

They’re also largely responsible for all the TRAAP legislation that’s been passed in the last 3 or 4 years.

They need to go away. Far, FAR away. Iran, maybe, or Saudi Arabia, where people think it’s OK to have their government enforce religious prejudices.


Well, apparently they’ve shifted focus recently to economic issues, which makes them even more dangerous, IMO.

Ah. It’s supposed to be just TRAP. It means Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers.

The laws that require that, oh, a Planned Parenthood has to meet hospital codes even though no other ambulatory outpatient clinic needs to, or that doctors at clinic that provides abortions must have admitting privileges to a hospital within n miles, even though everyone knows no hospital anywhere in the state will give those privileges, or that women who want an abortion must have a transvaginal ultrasound, or decreasing the number of weeks past conception when an abortion is allowable, or preventing abortions if a fetal heartbeat is heard.

You may remember a thread here about the dead woman in TX whose body was kept on life support in an attempt to “save the baby”.

Those people.

I misread one of the quotes. When they said “America’s only free market forum for village, town, city and county policymakers”, I thought the forum was the “free market,” not the subject. Although an actual “free market forum” for policymakers might be interesting. Though maybe that’s what lobbyists are. :wink:

Over here in Arizona they pinged in my radar for their Arizona SB 1070 anti-illegal-immigration law. Then like a bad penny they turned in the attempt at stopping the mass deployment of solar panels that home owners are finding that they save them a lot of money with their electric bills.

Local energy monopolies can’t have that, traditional utilities and fossil fuel companies do not like that solar could be seen by many as making economic sense, so ALEC gets funding and marching orders to fight against that.

That’s nuts. What’s the rationale offered by APS? I can’t get a clear sense from the article.

On the one hand, this kind of national coordination flies in the face of the states being the laboratories of the nation. on the other hand why doesn’t the left do something like this too?

I think they argue that electrical infrastructure costs money which is nominally paid as part of the cost of electricity. Since people with solar power don’t buy as much power they are leaching off the rest of us.

Just like those free loading hybrid owners who aren’t paying their fair share of highway upkeep by paying less gas taxes . Which is also ALEC sponsored legislation

Yes it’s stupid.

Ah. An entire agency dedicated to the kind of grit-in-the-gears laws I’ve been talking about over in the execution thread.


Sometimes it does.