Alex Jones gets cyber-slapped

From the January article:

Since that obviously didn’t work, who knows what he’ll try next?

I think someone’s ass is in a big crack. Couldn’t happen to a finer human being.

And it wouldn’t’ve happened to a finer human being.

Too bad it took a private lawsuit to do it in this case.

How about “more deserving”?

Ah, I love good news on Day One of the year:

More at the link.

Maybe someone should send him a candy bar.

He attacked the parents of Noah Pozner.

Noah was six years old. His jaw and one hand were shot off.

Fuck all these Trumpies.

That hundred thousand wasn’t even a judgement. It was a contempt of court fine for showing up to depositions unbelievably unprepared and wasting everyone’s time.

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The Pozners weren’t involved in this lawsuit. They sued *another *idiot.

Alex Jones was arrested for a DWI after a little family disturbance:

I’m schadenfreuding to the max over here! :smiley:

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones ordered to stop peddling phony coronavirus cures by New York AG.

Too bad he didn’t end up in one of those police brutality videos

Why won’t they just arrest and lock these fuckers up for fraud???

Where do you think that news would show up: The omnibus police brutality thread or this one? I think for once board members might turn a blind eye to cops misbehaving. :smiley:

Bumped, with an update: FBI Reportedly Probing Roger Stone's, Alex Jones' Possible Links To Capitol Violence [Video]