Alex Ross wallpapers - Neato! - He's the artist that did the "Kingdom Come" cover

Alex Ross wallpapers - Neat!

From his web site- Neato!

Is this not the best Joker, ever?

He didn’t just do the covers, he did all the artwork for Kingdom Come.

I have his book, Mythology but one thing isn’t clear to me - how fast is he? Because considering how much work he produces, I find it amazing that it appears he can produce a page of artwork a day.

Anybody know?

Y’know, when this is on the same page as the recent Bob Ross thread, my mind flashes them together and I find myself awestruck that happy trees are residing on someone’s computer desktop somewhere…

No idea, though I vaguely recall hearing somewhere the Kingdom Come took a full year to draw.

And according to Wizard’s The Alex Ross Special (yes, I have a copy here), Ross typically wakes up at 1:00pm and works until 6:00am(!), and the Crisis On Infinite Earths deluxe slipcase dust jacket took more than six weeks with ten hours a day.

Given that Kingdom Come was a little over 200 pages, that would make it about a page a day if it took him a year.

I think I’m in the minority in not being a fan. Ross’s artwork doesn’t really work for me in superhero stories. I’ll be the first to admit that if these characters were real people, they’d probably look like an Alex Ross drawing. Which is why it doesn’t work for me; they look too realistic, which draws attention to the more ridiculous aspects of the characters and their costumes, and away from the story.

I think his art worked rather well in Kingdom Come as it went great with the story. I don’t think his style would work in the typical Superman or Batman comic book.


It worked for me too in Kingdom Come. It’s interesting how much of a change it is to see characters with actual human faces. In a lot of the Superman Batman stuff you could change the hairstyle and the physique and even the faces of the two characters are almost interchangable. John Byrne’s females for example (even the humanoid aliens) all look like they came from the same family.

No, the best is another one he did of the Joker leaning and staring into a smashed mirror.

I met Alex Ross at the San Diego Comic Con, and watched him paint for a while. He is VERY methodical when he is working, so I guess you could say he is slow.

Great site too. I put one of the Supermans on my desktop. Very cool.

Bah. Let me know when the paintings he did for the Spiderman 2 opening scenes are available. Then I’ll be excited.

::never been a big DC fan::

Now this is what I’m talking about…