“Alexa, what song is this?”

So, we wanted some background music to go to sleep to, and we thought a little mellow harmonica might be just the thing. So kaylasmom says, “Alexa, shuffle songs by Tommy Morgan.” The soothing tones of Tommy’s harmonica emerge from the Echo. Eventually, we hear this piece.

We’re both enchanted, and want to know who the harpist is. The fastest way to learn who’s performing on a duet is to ask Alexa to identify the current song, so I say “Alexa, what song is this?”

”This is Prelude in C with Avenue Maria, from the Well-Tempered Clavier.”

WTF? Avenue Maria? We both just lost it.

How has Alexa unintentionally amused you?

Alexa is a sniz!

I was visiting friends and playing around with her. I said, “Play Arboretum”.

She says, “Okay! Here are songs by The Andrews Sisters.”


My daughter’s ex-boyfriend has an Alexa. I was over at my their place watching The Tick; at the end of the first block of episodes, the Terror (big bad guy) walks in to torture/interrogate somebody and he says “Alexa, play spooky music.”

Our Alexa: I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.
Me: Alexa, play spooky music.
Alexa: I’m sorry, I don’t know spooky music.
Me: Alexa, play “Night on Bald Mountain.”
Alexa: I can download a copy of Night on Bald Mountain for (a small sum of money); here’s a sample (plays about 30 seconds of Night on Bald Mountain).

They must have improved Alexa. I just asked her to play spooky music and now she recognized the request.

“Angela, play black jazz!”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvT_gqs5ETk

“Send a check or money order today.”

I don’t know 'bout that.

I had something similar happen a while back, not with Alexa but with directions in Google maps. On one of our trips back home to visit mom a few years ago, my wife and I were playing with Google map directions just to see if it would give us a different route to mom’s house than the one we usually take. One of the streets in mom’s neighborhood was “St. Catherine St.” The directions from Google maps were “turn right at Street Catherine Street.” :smack:

That’s actually eerily similar, in that, in both cases, the AI mistook a religious term for an abbreviation for a type of road.

The way it should work:

FtG: Alexa, what song is this?
Alexa*: This is a 2010 song by Darius Rucker. It reached #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Unfortunately Alexa tends to try and interpret my queries rather than take them literally. :frowning:

  • Bolded the name. I wonder if there’s some way to make Alexa a member, responding to posts, etc. Hmm. Maybe Amazon could kick in a few dollars to the board …

No one has mentioned Despacito?

Never try and tune an ill-tempered clavier!

Satchel Paige has been dead since 1982.


I’ll ask Alexa to “play music by [artist],” and she’ll play anything by that artist that I have in my Amazon library (usually, any CD that I’d bought on Amazon from that artist).

A few weeks ago, I said, “Alexa, play music by Queen.” The first song was “Another One Bites the Dust.” Then, the second song was something from the “Chicago” film soundtrack. “Queen didn’t play on that,” I said, to myself. Then, I remembered: no, Queen isn’t on that soundtrack, but Queen Latifa is.