Alexis Cohen (AI Contestant) Found Dead..


No cause of death yet. Anyone want to bet on drug overdose?

Also, how long before “they” point the finger at the cruelty of Simon as the trigger?

Is she the really crazy one that gave them the double-barreled middle finger when they turned her down? The one that looks like Willem Defoe’s illegitimate daughter?

::snort:: That’s her. The one who compared herself to Janis, and said she was going back to school since she didn’t get on the show.

This link says she was hit by a car, a victim of a hit and run.

I love this throwaway line from that link:

It can be read as “the driver was possibly drunk”, “she was possibly drunk”, or “both were possibly drunk in a perfect storm of drunkenness.”

Curious to see where this ends up… and if any of the AI folks will have a comment on it.