Alex's take on the Trump inauguration

A delicious little Telegraph cartoon here.

Thanks. I love a good World Economic Forum joke.

Moved from Elections to MPSIMS.


Is this joke based on something that’s actually happened? Has some specific billionaire or finance minister professed “leftist and social democratic values of the liberal elite”? Did some billionaire get snubbed on an inaugural ball invite? Trump apparently didn’t send an official representative to Davos but a couple of his transition team members are attending, afaik.

That’s a good 30 seconds of my life I won’t get back…



I have been alive for 14 US presidential elections. I have ben deemed important enough to be invited to exactly zero inaugurations. I hope to keep that streak alive for another 14+ elections.

I’m shocked that strip isn’t in the Sunday papers.

Wow, and I thought Mallard Fillmore was bad.

18 for me. The invites must have been lost in the mail.

17 for me. I’m beginning to think it isn’t just an oversight.