Algonquin Roundtable redux - Kitty Carlisle meets Seka

To followup on our recent discussion about which Roundtabler was the most boinkable, I thought I’d pass along that an excerpt from a new biography of Moss Hart is printed in the new Vanity Fair. The article deals quite a bit with Hart’s relationship to Alexander Woolcott and also touches on his marriage to Kitty Carlisle (who was born in Colonial Heights, VA I recently learned - you can bet that Colonial Heights’ idea of cafe’ society is the group down at the Dew Drop Inn. Seka also came from Colonial Heights - I wonder if she and Kitty ever get together and talk about the old hometown).

Of course, you’ll have to avoid Keanu Reeve’s insipid glare from the cover of the magazine, but those are, as they say, the breaks.

OK now I’m confused. The article says Kitty was born in New Orleans, my unimpeachable source (the Colonial Heights town crier)says “no - Colonial Whites” (as its affectionately known. I sense a mystery brewing.