Alias 11/2/03 - Spoilers

Kind of a “meh” episode action-wise for me, but big bombshell with the return of Fake Francie! Am I wrong in thinking that they ret-conned Francie’s death a bit? IIRC she was just shot; I don’t remember her being on the phone with her mother. But I could be wrong.

Bug closing in on Sydney this week. I wish they wouldn’t give away quite so much in previews, but I guess I don’t have to watch them. It was nice to meet the NSC’s version of Marshall. I hope they duel sometime.

And Marshall. Dear sweet Marshall. He’s going to be heartbroken when Carrie turns him down cold.

I don’t much care for the idea that Allison may be some sort of super-woman from the Rimbaldi medication (and the use of the word “medication” bugged me for some reason; it just hit my ear wrong). Not like this show is remotely realistic but I don’t want anyone to have super-powers.

Seriously, what’s the deal with Sloane and water? Every scene he’s been in this year, he’s drinking water, and they make a point of showing it. Something’s up with dat.

Yeah, poor Marshall. She’s going to squash him like a bug. But I honestly don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard as I did when he was testing his song out on Vaughn. (And poor Vaughn, for being subjected to it!)

Is it just me or, regarding the Rambaldi cure to Allison-as-Francie:

So Syd obviously implied that Allison got out of the ambulance because she miraculously healed, probably due to Rambaldi cure, which has somehow given her super healing.

I wonder, could Syd’s mom be 500 years old - in other words, did she get exposed to the Rambaldi super healing cure, and has experienced longevity? That might be why she was in the drawings - she was alive back then…

…just an idea…

Sydney can fly faster than a speeding bullet, leap high buildings in a single bound, but she needed Vaughn to help her put on her necklace…puh-leeez.

A so-so episode…whatever happened to mom? Did she not re-up her contract?

And Marshall’s stupid drum bit…not funny, too long, and too lame - even for that character. Plus, how in the hell could he just bring in a drum set into the office…yeah, I know…check your reality at the door - but still.

I like the girl fights.

Anyway, I thought it might be an episode where people got to show off their real-life talents. Vaughn = ice hockey (what a quick recovery from that stabbing!) and Marshall = drums. And of course, Sydney = just looking damn appealing.

That water/Sloane thing couldn’t just be a coincidence, could it?

Looking forward to tension between Vaughn and the missus. We all know that he belongs with Sydney!!!

If I remember correctly, they never showed her get killed at all. They just showed the wall with the blood on it and then panned down to her body.

I probably missed this somewhere along the line but since Allison/Francie is alive and seemingly well, is Will still dead or will he be popping up again? I missed a couple episodes this season, but I can’t remember hearing his name at all.


Saw on an entertainment TV show that Will is scheduled for an appearance later this season. Could be a flashback though.

My guy and I were also struck by the standing orders the Covenant has not to kill Sydney Bristow. What was strange about them was that they didn’t have any orders to capture her. So…it has been said that the Covenant wants to get something from Sydney’s memory, but if that were true they would have wanted Allison to bring her back in. I think that the Covenant wants to get something that Sydney is currently seeing. Maybe she’s been programmed to be some sort of recorder for the Covenant, and when the time comes they will get her back and extract the information their spy has gathered.

[spoiler]Will is getting a visit from Syd in an upcoming ep.

Lena Olin, SpyMommy, will not be back.[/spoiler]

The Francie death scene was not a ret-con, as we never saw the actual shooting.

Sloane is still evil, folks. Don’t be fooled. And “Bug” isn’t nearly as nice as she seems, either.


I missed Alias for almost the first time ever!!! Grrr…

And my daughter has been telling me about Marshall’s drum solo, but she can’t remember some of the words because she was laughing too hard. All she remembers is “you are the gig in my byte…”

so what were the words?

His character isn’t actually dead. They said earlier in the season that he’s in Witness Protection.

Although you’ve probably already figured that out what with the other info in this thread :slight_smile: