Alias 2/15/04 - SPOILERS

Gah. The return of Quentin Tarantino. Ah well, at least the episode wasn’t a two-parter built around his less-than-charming “acting” mannerisms. If he’s going to recur, and if it’s in doses roughly the size of this one, then I can tolerate it although I’d much rather have Isabella Rosellini back. I hope the appearance of Viveca A Fox doesn’t mean that the show is going into Simpsons-style stunt casting. Or since this is live action and absurd, maybe Batman-style stunt casting is the better turn of phrase.

One thing I didn’t quite understand. Sydney and Vaughn are going after this agenda thing because it has the names of the Covenant cell leaders in it. But in the briefing about the assassinations the CIA already knows that the dead guys are Covenant leaders. So why go after the agenda thingie?

A hearty congratulations to Marshall and Carrie! Were we ever told the sex of the baby? I seem to recall a scene where Marshall was going to spill but Carrie wouldn’t let him.

Three weeks until the next new episode? I can’t staaaand it!

My impression was that the only reason they were able to figure out that they were Covenant was because they were being killed. After their bodies were found they analyzed all of the data they had on them and came to the conclusion that they were high ranking Covenant officials.

But it could just as easily have been lazy writing. Overall this season has really been less than stellar.

No, I think the CIA knew these guys were involved with the Covenant, but they know that about a lot of people. The CIA didn’t know that they were cell leaders, only figuring that out after three of them ended up dead.

I thought it was a pretty good episode and I think this has been overall a great season so far, albeit somewhat hampered by the long lag between episodes. Of course, I’m happy with any episode that has Melissa George half-naked. My God that woman is good looking! (Although, you notice that now that we know she’s evil, she’s wearing black eyeshadow a lot?)