Alias 10/5/03 Spoilers

I give up on trying to spell anything out of the highlighted letters. I always forget to note them until after the first couple are gone and the remaining ones seem random so if they are some sort of secret message I’ll just have to be among those who don’t get it.

Good ep, I thought, raising some great questions and connections between the players. Glad to see the return of Sark; hope he continues to recur throughout the season. I’m interested to see where the connection between Sark and Sydney will go (and I truly hope they aren’t going to turn out to be siblings or something equally lame).

Best exchange of the episode: “This is the men’s room.” “Who let you in?” While I can’t imagine IRL such an exchange could ever occur (without Syndey’s disappearing into a hole somewhere never to be seen again) I liked how it was used to set up the intro of Vaughn’s wife. What better reason for bringing her in than to serve as the outgoing guy’s parting shot at Sydney?

I liked how they brought Vaughn back in, letting him semi-save the day with the password thing. I find it hard to believe the CIA would ever send them on a mission together considering the history, but then they went on missions together when they were dating so there you go.

The only really false note for me was the communiation between Jack and Irina. Jack’s just spent a year in solitary because he contacted her. Not that he wouldn’t contact her again to help Sydney, but no matter how secure my wireless internet connection was I wouldn’t talk to the anonymous woman about “our daughter” (and the idea that Irina would type “my god” is silly). The “miss you” “miss you too” exchange suddenly makes me more interested in what happened between the two of them in Sydney’s missing two years than what happened to Syd. Speaking of which, I would have liked a line of dialog about how the CIA was tearing apart that lab for information about her vanishing. Perhaps there will be reference to it in upcoming eps.

Otto, I did it again. You want to do next week’s?

Okay, I’m preffering your thread this time Otto because the OP was more in depth.

I know this is going to expose me as a COMPLETE ALIAS dork (like that hasn’t already happened), but here goes…

Isn’t it interesting that the wine the Covenant brings into the room for Sark is the exact same wine, down to the year, that Sark asked Sloane to bring him when in SD-6 custody in Season 1? This confirms my belief that Sloane is, in fact, the leader of the Covenant. How else would Random Covenant Guy know what Sark’s favorite wine is? I also believe that Allison (Francinator) is Sloane’s second in command.

If I’m preferring the wrong thread I’ll just transfer this question over…mostly to see if anyone else caught this.