Alias 10/12: Reunion

So, week three is over, and we’ve gotten some new developments.

  1. Syd and Vaughn: Was it not just great when Vaughn jumped on the radio during the Mexico mission? It was obvious that despite the two years, they still work like a well-oiled machine. Same thing during the op in Moscow.

  2. Syd and Sloane: I’m just waiting for the inevitable showdown between these two. It’s going to be one for the ages.

  3. Syd and Weiss: Potential romance? Doubt it, but that’s because I know too much.

Some bad news to report:

Lena Olin is officially not returning to the show. :mad:

Well, what did the SD Alias fans think about this one?

Not bad, though I still think Ep.2 was the best so far.

I still think that Sloane is behind EVERYTHING this season and can’t wait for the reveal.

I’m anxious to see Will again, I had no idea how much I would miss him.

Let me be the first to say that I am pissed about that particular piece of spoiler news.

I think that Sloan, Vaughn and his wife, and possibly Derevko are all in this thing together. I know that would be wild, but that would spark great interest too. This is going to be a great season. Looking forward to seeing how it unfolds. Very dissapointing spoiler news.

The highlighted letters were:

M e i c

All I could come up with was “Mice”. Do they ever mean anything?

Am I the only person confused that Vaughn’s wife, a high-ranking official in the CIA and daughter to a Virginia senator, has a british accent?

Yeah - interface2x I agree with you - what is the deal with her British accent?

Maybe Bug (I call her Bug, because she is Vaughn’s Wife, or VW for short) went to boarding school in England. And hey, if Madonna can talk all brit-like who’s to say Bug can’t too?

I sort of had the opposite reaction to Vaughn’s jumping on the radio again. It’s obvious they’re doing it because it shows the well-oiled machine business (side note: Vaughn well-oiled…swoon) but it’s going to get tiresome if it happens every ep.

I really hope they don’t pair up Syd and Weiss, because it’s just so obvious. I like to see relationships between men and women that don’t segue into romances, because hey, there are a lot more friendships in the office than there are romances.

Something no one’s mentioned yet is Jack’s incredible stupidity. Hey, here’s an idea, let’s get a convicted criminal to whip up a worm and then * upload it to the CIA database*! What the hell was he thinking? I really hope this comes back to bite him on the ass, and not just in a “Dixon figures out someone used his computer to do a bad thing” way. And why is it that the CIA, which is supposedly prohibited by law from acting domestically, has senior agents writing parole/probation agreements for computer criminals? Bah. That whole subplot was just stupid, redeemed only by Marshall’s goofy presence.

I’m hoping at some point Syd will stop losing her shit every time she’s around Sloane. She’s pretty much sputtering semi-incoherently at this point. What was that line? “I’m licensed to extract unimaginable pian from you” or something? Sheesh, that was horrible. I liked Sloane’s smugness and his shock, shock! at the idea of breaking the law, as well as his needling Sydney, Vaughn and Bug simultaneously with his “I know how much you cared for her” line to Vaughn. He’s soooo deliciously eeeevil.

Jack obviously trusts this guy enough to use him. Plus, this guy is more than likely aware of Jack’s ability to torture people REALLY well.

And, if you’re getting paid that much, would you do something stupid that would piss him off?

I think many computer criminals, given a free shot at the CIA database and someone on the inside to do the dirty work of planting the worm, might be severely tempted to put something else in there. Say, wipe out their criminal record to start with. I still think it was a stupid subplot and I really really hope it was the set-up for a shitstorm for Jack.

Yep, the new wife’s accent bothers me, too…and the fact that there is absolutely no chemistry between her and Vaughn. Weiss gets cuter every week, and Marshall is definitely going to look into that worm business…why would Jack even imagine he could get away with that? And I think Dixon recognized Sydney’s face even without a completely clear picture…we all did, and he’s standing a lot closer!

Jack is gonna tell Dixon next week, in an attempt to help Sydney.