Alias 10/5 - Succession

Well, Week 2 of the new Alias is over (on the East Coast) and is almost starting on the West Coast, so let’s get the discussion started.

Questions Answered:

  1. Syd was working for the Covenant.
    New Questions:

  2. How convenient that Lauren Reed (Mrs. Vaughn) works for the NSC?

  3. Did Sloane have anything to do with Syd’s disappearance? Giving Jack that disk makes his alibi a little stronger.

  4. Have Jack and Irina reconciled? That little exchange on the computer was…touching.

I thought this episode was incredibly uncomfortable. Between Syd moving in, the theater, the confrontation with Lindsey and meeting Lauren, that was kinda hard to watch.

  1. I bet they have. They had sex before in the show, I bet they totally got a relationship going over Syd’s loss.

  2. I think he’s a lying bastard who knew to expect that Jeck would want proof. Big deal, he pulled up a few leads that didn’t pan out.

I absolutely and totally hate that Vaughn’s wife, who I am legally obligated to dislike, has co-opted my name.