Would someone please summarize last week's Alias for me?(spoilers)

I’ve seen every ep. of this show, but missed last week. Can someone please tell me in as much detail as they feel is necessary what happened?


Ok, I’ll give this a shot based on what I remember. Might have to make some corrections later though.

Dixon and the other SD-6 guys bust in on Sydney and Sark making the trade. Vaughn eventually catches up to Sark and knocks him out and retrieves the real vial from Sark since Sydney didn’t get to perform the switch. He cuffs Sark to a fence and leaves to help Syndey fight Dixon. Syndey gets cut by Dixon’s knife. Dixon is about to shoot her, but Vaughn knocks him out. When they get back to Sark they find that SD-6 captured him.

At the CIA Vaughn’s friend takes the blame for losing Sark and tells Vaughn that he’s too attached to Syndey.

The alliance OKs Sloane’s request to let his wife live (at least until the cancer kills her, which seems to be only a few more weeks).

Tippin meets up with Jack and they arrange to meet his contact. They go to Paris.

Dixon suspects Sydney and asks about the cut, she lies. He’s still suspicious. Sloane thanks Sydney for not telling security section about his wife’s knowledge of SD-6. She feels weird about her sympathetic feelings for Sloane. Vaughn does not help her much since he’s trying to be distant and professional.

Sloane convinces Sark to help him find Khasinau, and they drink some wine.

Syndey and Dixon go to Paris where Sark is going to meet Khasinau. Syndey gets Khasinau’s heartbeat pattern recorded onto a ring, and Dixon uses that to open a safe and grab some other Rimbaldi documents from Khasinau. Sydney sees Tippin there and wonders what’s going on.

She rescues him from being interrogated by his contact (who we now know is Khasinau’s group). Tippin learns about Sydney’s involvement in intelligence. Sydney, Tippin and Jack meet up and with some help are able to get Tippin out of the country and to a CIA safe house. Dixon gets back to SD-6 not knowing anything about Tippin or Jack being there. Sark gets away with Khasinau.

At the end we learn that Sloane’s wife may be in remission. She is overjoyed, but Sloane worries that the alliance will have to kill her now.

When Sark drank the wine with Sloane we learn they put a tracing chemical in the wine. Unfortunately we see that Sark got a blood transfusion. The last thing we see is Tippin waiting in the safe house when Sark busts in and shoots him.