Alias 5/12 (SPOILERS) Questions

What decision did the alliance come to regarding Emily Sloane? I think I missed it.

Second, what the heck does that Rimbaldi invention thing do? Seems like a big ball of red stuff made out of water?

Will Vaughn be back?

From what I can tell, the Alliance made the decision that Sloane would get to sit as a full member if he “disposed of” his wife, which he did at the end of the episode by poisoning her wine.

I don’t know exactly what the Rimbaldi thing does, but if it pressurizes from something from all sides so that it can keep water in a perfect spherical shape, that’s gotta be something. At the very least, they can charge a fortune for it at Sharper Image.

As for Vaughn, looks like we won’t be seeing him anymore, but who knows?


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No more Vaughn? I’m not sure how the show will work without him. Besides for Jack and Sydney I think he’s one of the most important people in the show.

At least that punk Haladki (?) is dead. He was one annoying SOB.

I’ll miss Joey Slotnik, though. Assuming that he’s actually dead, since we DIDN’T SEE THE BODY.

Amy Irving should always wear turbans. She looked absolutely stunning. I’ll miss her too, assuming she’s dead since we DIDN’T SEE THE BODY.

Vaughn will also be sorely missed, assuming that he’s dead since we DIDN’T SEE THE BODY.

I think next season we’re going to find out that Arvin didn’t poison his wife. He either drugged her and moved her to a secret hideaway or he drugged her to prepare her to be indoctrinated into SD-6. Vaughn will figure out that the volume of water in that sphere isn’t enough to completely fill the corrider and will have escaped through the ceiling. I’m hoping that Joey shows up as a weaselly sidekick to Sidney’s mother (if that really is Sidney’s mother).

How old is Sidney supposed to be? “The Man” said she had been waiting “nearly thirty years” for “this” (but didn’t say what “this” was). Presumably she didn’t mean 30 years to reunite with Sidney since that would make Sidney well over 30.

Maybe she’s been waiting to tell Sidney the truth from birth? I think Sidney’s supposed to be 27-29ish.

I was wondering this last night as Sidney/Francie/Will all look older than me (5-10 years older) but where they seem to be in school/careers/etc. is younger. (Nowhere near as bad as Jack & Jill where they looked 10 years older than I did and were obviously playing characters years younger.)

Also, it might be that she was waiting “nearly 30 years” for Sid to join her in her quest to do whatever her nefarious plan entails(rather than to just see her again) which would put Sidney in her late 20s.

I have to say that Daddy Bristow kicks ass . Man, don’t get in his way when he’s pissed off.

Poor Will - C’mere, baby, let me help you forget the pain.

Vaughn can’t be gone - perhaps he’s a master of tantric yoga breathing or something, and can just float around for hours???

I think Amy Irving won’t be back. Too bad, she did look lovely.

Sydney’s perpetual look of concern is starting to give her one helluva vertical wrinkle above her nose. Botox, anyone?

All in all, an excellent cliff hanger-ish episode. Can’t wait til Sept.