Alias 5/5 Questions (& SPOILERS!!)

Ok what’s up with the Rimbaldi documents?

I could have sworn that Syndey was able to succesfully swap the real page 47 with the a fake one at Sloane’s house. If that’s the case, then where did Khasinau get the Rimbaldi document (the one that Dixon stole for SD-6 yesterday) from?

Are they not the same document? Hopefully I’m just missing something really obvious.

Not… to my knowledge… no.

If I’m following correctly (and the jusry’s out on that) this Rambaldi character was one prolific little DaVinci wannabe. There are hundreds of Rambaldi documents scattered everywhere, but the alliance and its enemies are looking for the most important, those gathered into a compendium by Rambaldi.

The document referred to as “page 47” was part of a volume in the posession of Sloane. But there are many other documents out there. If you ask me, the document(s) in the posession of Kasinau are assumed to be important just because Khasinau has them, although it’s possible that they represent more missing pages of the volume SD-6 currently has. I don’t think we know yet what they are.

Aw yeah.

stoli, stoli, stoli, DaVinci was a Rimbaldi* wannabe!