Alias - Who is Rambaldi?

With the third season premiere of “Alias” just days away, has anyone thought about the mechanics behind how Milo Rambaldi could fortell things 500 years in advance?

With Sydney waking up two years in the future at the end of last season, my guess is that time travel is somehow involved, and one of his devices may actually be a time machine.

Thus, taking a riff from “Babylon 5”, could Rambaldi be someone in the present that has somehow wound up back in the 1400s? Could it be Sloane? But with the extreme technical nature of some of Rambaldi’s writings (e.g., the binary code in one of the first things that Sydney recovered), it may be someone more technically inclined… like Marshall.

Any other Alias fans with ideas?

The “Marshall is Rambaldi” rumor has been going around for a while now, but I don’t buy it. Things don’t match up, especially with what happens in the season premiere.

Sloane is many things, but I don’t think he’s Rambaldi either. Remember, the Prophecy is about Sydney and not Sloane, according to Irina.

I think instead of time travel, Sydney’s disappearance can be attributed to something like the guy in “Color-Blind” from season 1.