Alias question

I am a relative newcomer to the show Alias. So far I have mananged to see Seasons 1 and 2 on dvd and have the third season on order.
I noticed that they have said that Sydney Bristow was initially unaware of her father’s involvement with SD-6. If I am remembering correctly, it further showed that she was with SD-6 for about 2 years before it was revealed to her that Jack was, in fact, a spy.
Once Jack is revealed as an integral part of SD-6 he is then at virtually every meeting and/or mission briefing.
My question is: What did he do in the time before Sydney discovered who he worked for? Was he really able to NOT be in an office for 2 years and still be as important as he seemed??

Chris W

Spoilers for the first episode:

When Jack saves Sydney from the assassins in the garage, he reveals himself as an SD-6 agent. I think he and Sloane have a conversation about this in which Sloane is chastising him for putting his daughter first (which is stupid, since Sloane recruited Sydney specifically in order to have leverage over Jack, but anyway), so from SD-6’s POV, it’s okay to make them work together - Sloane didn’t know then that Jack was also a mole for the CIA.

It’s never really addressed, but I always assumed that Jack was probably in charge of some other division within SD-6, but once his involvement was revealed to Syd he was transferred to the main office.

She was recruited by SD-6 seven years prior to the start of the show.

In the pilot ep he was shown working at an office supposedly involved with the export of airplane parts. Apparently this was a legitimate company of some sort, as Danny (Sydney’s fiance) was able to call him there. At the end of the pilot Jack mentions something about talking with Devlin (the CIA boss) so he and Sydney could work more closely together, and in a later ep Sloane says something about Jack’s assignment at the airplane company ending and his being re-assigned to the Credit Dauphine office.