Alien DNA

So I’m at the store, in the beer aisle, and I look up on the top shelf. “Hey, there’s something new”. The six pack carton is black with a big green thumbprint on it. Says “DNA. Alcholic Spring Water. Water that has lost it’s innocence” It’s clear. Figure, hey what the hell, I can use some alcohol loaded water. So after an hour of chilling, I crack one open. Notice on the bottle that it says “Alcholic FRUIT and Spring Water, Malt beverage, Spring water and natural flavor”. Oh shit. It’s watered down beer with fruit juice in it? I take a sip. Tastes like flat Sprite, but better than Zima. So I throw a little lime juice in, and now it tastes like a sour apple jolly rancher. Now I can drink this stuff! Next bottle. I’m gonna play with it. Lime juice is good, so also add a little Blue Curacao to it. Now it tastes like a sweet tart! Should I call it “Alien DNA” now that it’s a greenish blue? Anyone else tried this stuff yet? Have you played with it too to make it interesting/drinkable? I’ll take it over Zima and that Hard Lemonade crap any day, but in general I’ll still take a beer.