Alien Toe Implants

      • I saw some show once on TLC or something like that about alien implants. The foremost case given was about some lady who had x-rays taken of her lower legs and the x-rays also happened to includ her feet. Two foreign objects showed up in one of her feet, and she had never had any medical procedure that would have resulted in them getting in there by normal means. Implanted in two of her toes were two tiny objects maybe 1mm across, one shaped like a capital “T” and the other a straight rod, implanted right next to the bones of her toes. Somehow she found out about some other doctor who has removed similar objects from different locations in a number of people. Her doctor removed them, and they showed pictures of them. The rest of the show I forget, for the most part. - I searched for this on the net later, but forgot the names of any of the involved. Anybody else see it, or run across anything on the net? (IIRC this was the show that showed the UFO filmed from the space shuttle) - MC

Gee, that would be rough; having CIA implants and alien implants. :smiley:

You mean I need tinfoil socks too?

I saw a program like that where the doctor removed something that look to me like a sliver of glass, but the patient was convinced it was an alien transmitter. Go figure.

Well, it wouldn’t be too bad if they vibrated. :wink:

A google search on “alien toe implants” gives pretty good results, including this page: Alien Implants: Five Abductees Discuss Before and After Effects.