Alien v. Farrow

I keep seeing ads for the HBO movie Allen v. Farrow, but my perverse mind keeps changing it to ALIEN v. Farrow.

Now I’m imagining Mia Farrow in a powered exosuit squaring off against an extraterrestrial monster.

Or, even worse, against Woody Allen.

This could be the best thing since Kramer v. Godzilla

Saturday Night Live, “Kramer vs. Godzilla”

I guess Farrow vs. Predator works equally well.

The “Get away from her you Bitch!” line works just as well either way.

Exactly, as Farrow is one psycho nut job.

Not as psycho as Woody.

Modnote: This is not the thread for Farrow vs. Allen and which is the bigger liar/monster. Drop that now.

I see this becoming a franchise…