Alien vs Predator poem: I don't get it

I don’t this this poem. It was just published now in book form in a collection by Penguin Poets and got a recommendation by the New York Times.

What, may I ask, does anyone else think about it? Brilliant and creative or just random phrases?

I can see the confusion. You missed the critical part. It is not:

It is:

OK, I got nothin’. I do not “get it” either.

What makes you think there’s something to ‘get’? Poetry (and art in general) isn’t necessarily some form of riddle to crack to uncover hidden deeper meanings – though you wouldn’t suspect so from the approach to the subject often taught in school. Sometimes it’s just about language, about the aesthetics of words, of rhythm and flow, or about the evocative imagery that isn’t necessarily meant to paint any kind of coherent, meaningful picture. Think about a melody: there’s no hidden meaning to discover behind it, nevertheless, it is readily appreciable from an aesthetic point of view.

That said, this specific poem doesn’t do terribly much for me, either.

I don’t think there’s much to it as words on a page, but I’d like to hear it read aloud before I pass judgment.