All conservatives on the "there's nothing to this Russia thing" train, come on down. (Shodan)

I originally wrote this post as a reply to Shodan in an elections thread but then deleted it to instead write it here:

So, what I can say since this is the pit is that Shodan is a fucking cultist. He doesn’t even have any particular ties to Trump, as far as I know, he was never a big Trump supporter, but now that Trump represents His Holy Party, he will do anything for him. He’s willing to give up everything he is, in terms of intellect and principals - which, to be fair, is hardly anything - to a guy he probably knows on some level is a con man reality show host that happened to be born to a rich father and managed not to lose all of his inheritance in his lifetime. Because once you join The Party, The Holy Party of Jesus, you are beyond criticism, and anything anyone asserts that bad about you is a democratic plot. He sold his soul long ago to anything the Republican party wants and nothing can ever change his mind. He is a thoroughly brainwashed soldier in their army.

But rather than hijack that thread, I’ve decided instead to give “conservative” posters here a place to declare that they think all of this Russia stuff is bullshit in one convenient place. So step right up, conservatives - show the purity of your convictions and the truth in your leadership, and tell us that there are no substantial connections between Trump and Russia, and that Putin does not control Trump, and that all this hubbub is just fake news.

Alright, for further reading, to give a taste into how much democrats had to do to make all that shit up, including put Trump’s Russian friends under the surveillance of a republican-dominated FBI and CIA 4 or 5 years ago, here’s some further reading. It’s a collaborative community effort with organized links to other news sources which flesh out the issues. Well, and Trump tweets. It’s kind of amazing how many of those links are just Trump tweets incriminating himself.

Trump-Russia Timeline

So, put your convictions on record - who else thinks the entirety of the Russia thing is just fake news?

All conservatives on the “there’s nothing to this Russia thing” train, come on down.

Will you be serving nothing burgers to go along with that “earth shattering” memo? :slight_smile:

As much as I’m dying to see what Mueller has uncovered, there’s a certain amount of schadenfreude to be had by watching Trump et al squirm as they worry about what it’ going to be.

Nothing Borscht.

I would think that they know what it’s going to be.

They admitted to having a meeting with Russian intelligence where they discussed both dirt on Hillary Clinton and Russian sanctions. If someone claims that the investigation is a hoax they’re a moron or a liar.

They’re all stinking traitors, and at this point all their supporters and fanboys are stinking traitors too, as far as I’m concerned.

Frothing-gay-Phlipps needs a hearty “Come on down!” too. He’s been writing hundreds of long paragraphs, tirelessly saying “You think there’s underhanded stuff going on, but it’s really nothing, trust me…”

Hey now, when the president attacks the FBI, the people there that he appointed, and the FISA court, that is a sure sign that There Is Nothing To See Here LOOK! CAR CRASH!!

No offense, but the thread you mention was one where we were discussing indications that Hillary and the Democrats were “colluding” with the Russians.

Still, thanks for the invitations, but no thanks to the effort to change the subject/shift the burden of proof/declare something in advance of the evidence.


Darn spellcheck! You meant “colliding”, didn’t you?

So the same level of evidence that you reject in Trump’s case is proof positive in Clinton’s case.

Fuck off,
running coach

No one has changed the topic. Saying the Democrats “are the ones who” did something means you are saying that no one else did, so you are saying Trump didn’t. When we factually know he did, given the meeting.

It also is untrue. The Democrats did not coordinate with the Russians. You are misusing the word “coordinate.” And you are doing so to try and conflate two very different issues.

It’s still a defense of Trump.

Actually it’s the other way around. You believe Trump collusion has been proven based on the same level of evidence which, when presented about Hillary and the DNC, causes you to begin screaming and attempt to change the subject.

I understand your issue - you are almost as dumb as BigT but more aware of being so. So you are doing the best you can, and it’s unfortunate that this is the best.


Shodan is resonably intelligent and not a Trump fan. Even elected party loyalists seem to be fine with the Russia investigation. The fact that obviously Russian connected people were high ranking Trump advisors is indisputable.

Add all that a together and there really is only one conclusion: Shodan is trolling the Libtards. Rather successfully istm.

That’ll teach 'em!

That’s the really funny part: no, it won’t.

That statement logically implies that the Republicans are not coordinating with the Russians in this instance.

Shodan, please clarify or correct the statement!

Are you really dense enough to think that that is the case here?

With trump, there are many verified and corroborated reports (sometimes by members of his own family) that his campaign had direct contact with russians with the intent to work with the russians on upsetting our elections. Russian influence in our social media has been proven.

Russia meddled in our election:Fact.

Trump’s team had direct contact with russians with the intent of getting them to meddle in the election: Fact.

With the democrats, you do have a situation that if you are stupid enough, seems to be the same.

What happened there is that the democratic party took over funding opposition research after the republicans stopped trying to stop trump themselves. Part of this opposition research turned up information that came through reputable, though foreign sources, making that info somewhat problematic to use in the campaign against trump, so they didn’t use it.

So, you have one side who were in direct contact with the russians who were meddling in our election, and on the other, you have funding for opposition research that turned up some very damning information about trump, which they did not use.

Yeah, if you are either stupid or convince yourself that you are stupid through motivated reasoning, you could come to the conclusion that what the democrats did was “worse”, but you just make yourself look like a partisan fucktard to anyone with the slightest bit of critical reasoning ability for parroting the soundbites that they feed you.

That’s the thing. They know everything they’ve done, but they don’t know how much Mueller knows. And by “done”, I don’t mean just those things related to the election, but all the financial shit going back years and years.

If he wants to troll here, then by all means.

If you are accusing him of trolling in the other forums he is putting forth this nonsense, then you should report your suspicions to the moderating staff.