All Hail SkipMagic!

This fellow’s setting the bar so high as a new mod that it’s questionable whether anyone else will put themselves forward for the job in future. He took all of ONE minute to respond to a request to close this thread.

Unless, of course, he’s Eve’s alter ego…

Let’s face it: I’m modding at the twee of light.

Has it been explained, but I missed it? What kind of** Magic** does Skip have, exactly?

The skipping kind, naturally.

It’s twee magic. Plus Auntie Em slaps him around when he acts up so he pretty much stays on his toes.

So, I should stop picturing him in the tall pointy wizard’s hat?

The tall pointy wizard hat is OK. Just don’t picture him in a sequinned Speedo and bunny slippers - it’ll give you a headache.


I *know * what kind of magic he has. It involves minions and offerings of first-born children. :eek:

Aiii!!! The goggles!
… you know the rest.

It’s true: auntie em wears the pointy hat in this family.

Darn it–now I’m going to have to find a different outfit for the next Dopefest. I can’t show up dressed the same as SkipMagic–that’d just be tacky!

Go ahead; I gladly welcome another person to the Coven of Magic Speedos.

Sombody’s gotta say it …

I, for one, welcome our new Magic Speedo overlords.

So do you ever find yourself embarrassed to have the CoMS over?

Wait for it… Wait for it… NOW slug me.

Naw, you’ll still get some, but only people who are comfortable in their mediocrity. You know, losers.

I have no response to this. :eek:

Now, does the entire Coven of Magic Speedos answer directly to auntie em? If so, that’s some sweet set-up she’s got going there! :smiley:

I’ve known you for almost eight years–this is the first time I’ve seen you speechless. I like it. :slight_smile:

:smiley: These people around here don’t know me quite as well as you do. I’m trying to maintain an image as a calm, demure, level-headed person.

I can be calm! And demure! Stop laughing!

Calm snort giggle snicker and demure disbelieving look?? I’m sure that if I look hard enough, I can find plenty of chat transcripts that disprove that theory. :slight_smile:

You rang?