All of the other reindeer were jerks.

Excluding poor Rudolph from their reindeer games and bullying him, until the Big Guy asks him to do a favour, then they’re all falling all over themselves to suck up to Rudolph.

Nasty little ungulates, all of them!

I always thought Santa was a jerk too. He let the abuse go on, but when he needed a favor…

I would have told Santa to go to hell.

Oh, noes. Theres a foggy night. Santa you big jerk, I bet you eat venison all the time. Rudolph should refuse and run away to warmer climes. He needs to get help for that skin disease that makes his nose bright, shiny red. (Tippler, no doubt)

Just reading a thread somewhere else recently on how big a jerk Santa was in the tv special; went beyond the song.

I just never quite understood the beginning of the song, where it goes “you know Dasher and Dancer,” etc., as if it’s common knowledge to know the reindeer names (which I guess it is now because of the song), but then it goes, “but do you recall, the most famous reindeer of all?” Well, if he’s the most famous reindeer of all, wouldn’t everyone, by definition, be able to recall him? Especially if they they know the other eight also-rans?

Fair point on the famousness. I believe the reindeer were named in “The Night Before Christmas” which (according to Wikipedia) was first published in 1823. It’s often been very popular, so I guess many would know those reindeer names.

This is a common mistake. Olive, the other reindeer, was definitely a real jerk. But it’s unfair that the whole population gets tarred with that brush.

The reindeer names have been known since at least 1823 when Clement Moore wrote them down in his poem, “A Visit From St. Nicholas.”

Ninja-ed by Tzigone; sockfull of coal for you!

Olive was a doe.

Yeah, I see it’s in that poem. Didn’t one of them have a different name somewhere though, or maybe a variant? Like Blixen instead of Blitzen or something like that? There’s just an impression of a thought rattling about my brain that at least one of the reindeer had a variant name. Anybody know what I’m talking about?

OK, I’ll answer my own question. Looks like Blitzen is also rendered as Blixem, and Donner is also Dunder or Donder.

Donner was originally Donder–German for Thunder. I think you’re correct about Blixen–German for Lightning.

Ninja me again, Tzigone; I dare ya!

I had the same thoughts as the OP every time I saw the Rudolph show, even when I was really little. I often wondered why no one cared, and why the other reindeer didn’t get what they deserved in the end. Sure, Rudolph got to be the center of attention. But the others didn’t learn any lessons from their behavior.

Well they were flying in back of Rudolph. He might have gotten his revenge in creative ways.

Haha. I didn’t think of that when I was young, and I haven’t watched it in years. Thanks for the idea that justice might still have happened.

In the African version, the sleigh is pulled by baboons and Akina the red-assed baboon has to fly backward.

Olive was still insulting, though.

I have a feeling that Santa is going to bring me an excellent bottle of single-malt Scotch this year. So as long as the reindeer get Santa to my house to deliver it, I won’t say a word against them. Of course, if Santa and his reindeer bypass my house, then I’ll likely have plenty to say.

And who knew that the elves ran a distillery in addition to a toy factory?

How do you think Santa stayed warm during all those Thanksgiving Day parades? :o

Shouldn’t Vixen be a doe too?

A deer? A female deer?