All right, I'll ask. Being a jerk via PM?

Aww, but I thought he liked when I called him that. It was our special little thing. Farewell, good times, farewell.

“Dammit, kids, if I have to pull this car over one more time, there’s gonna be HELL to pay…”

AClockworkMelon, you’re going to have *so *much fun here if you continue to consider *agreeing with you *to be the sole factor in who has a valid opinion.

That’s exactly my point. When did it become against the rules to tell a mod that you thought they were stepping over the line? IMO, having the freedom to confront what we feel are poor moderating decisions is an important. Obviously, it’s equally important for *frivilous *accusations to be negatively sanctioned, but to squelch someone before they even get to the point of making an accusation, or even explicitly threatening to do so, is stepping over into creepy totalitarian territory as I see it.

If I’m going 90 MPH down a 70 MPH highway and a cop pulls me over and rightly tickets me, and I ask for her badge number, if the cop were to arrest me for requesting that information, I think we would all agree that that’s an abuse of power.

We have mechanism in place already for dealing with false accusations. Let’s not go down the path of trying to pre-empt ones that haven’t even been made. By and large, the moderation on this site is pretty damn good (within the constraints of the rules you have to enforce), but the ball was seriously dropped on this one.

As has been observed, we don’t have avatars here, and most people don’t display signatures. IIRC, there’s even a rule that you can only display your signature once per page (maybe even only once per thread).

Also a valid point. If PMs to moderators are now going to be subject to moderation, that should probably be mentioned somewhere.

She’s not using Pit language in ATMB.

Actually I believe the policy is that we as posters can report PM’s sent to us by other users and they will deal with it. If someone sends someone a threatening PM or harasses someone constantly off-boards/via PMs, all the victim has to do is forward the PMs to a Moderator and they’ll look into it and see what can be done.

So the policy seems to be that Moderators tend to NOT read PMs and such, HOWEVER if you do choose to send/report a PM, they’ll look into the matter for you. So it’s not policing PMs, but rather it’s up to the judgment of the recipient of the PMs as to how they wish to treat the matter- the options being that they do nothing, they can call out the poster by posting the PM in the public boards, or that they can go to the Moderators and request assistance.

And I think it’s only logical to believe that if you send a PM to a Moderator, they WILL police/“report” their own PMs and take actions as they see fit. It’s just common sense. :smack:

We don’t have any “per page” rules, because the definition of a “page” varies from user to user (you can set the number of posts per page in your User CP).

The actual signature rules are in the FAQ here. Regarding frequency, it says:

MeanOldLady said:

Thank you. If it makes you feel any better, I promise to think mean thoughts about you. :wink:

I’ve been trying to sort out my own feelings on this matter. I can kinda see the moderator’s point of view, but really I just keep coming back to thinking this is an overreaction. First off, an overreaction to Sleeps PM response to the first warning, and then an overreaction to the thought Sleeps might be threatenting to complain.

I guess I just can’t see the ramifications of Sleeps coming in and starting an ATMB thread or posting a PM to the admins crying “Marley won’t leave me alone” when all we need to do is post the PM exchange and the story will straighten itself out. I mean, what is so threatening that the Mods need to nip this in the bud?

Been there, done that and have scars to prove it.

Mean Old Lady, you can call me crazyburrito any time. The point I was making wasn’t specifically about that at all. It was about being consistent with warnings. And that point was completely missed.

Just be careful not to call me that in non-pit threads, because you may run afoul of the rules. :rolleyes:

So saying something ludicrous now is against the rules? There’s gonna be a lot of suspensions ahead.

I didn’t use “pit language”. I was warned for calling her Emperor Palpatine Old Lady, which is no worse than being called crazyburrito. I didn’t call her one of the banned dirty words/phrases and I didn’t really make a personal insult. Again, certainly no more of an insult than being called crazyburrito.

It is a prime example of inconsistent application of the rules. The only difference I can see is that someone pushed the report button for my post and I didn’t for hers. I don’t consider crazyburrito to be a personal insult and therefore not reportable, not that I’m likely to push that button much anyway.

I thought you were warned for saying “I don’t give a shit how many goats you’ve fucked AClockworkMelon, you still don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Well reviewing the PM, it could have been for that, but that would be an ever worse
reason, as the “goat fuck” thing was a direct reference to something AClockworkMelon said earlier.

The exact comment was:

While I don’t have experience on this board in particular, as Penn Jillette would say, this isn’t my first goat fuck.

In this post:

So if that was the reason I got the warning, it should be rescinded. I didn’t make a personal insult, I was referring back to the original comment.

Correction: You called her Fucking Emperor Palpatine Old Lady. How you can misrepresent your own post in this way when it’s right there posted in this thread is beyond me. Are you seriously going to pretend that wasn’t meant as a personal insult?

Here’s a free clue: the exact phrase I used didn’t even register because it doesn’t make a goddamned bit of difference in context.

I want to know when the moderation staff around here is going to start being consistent and not just calling people on the bullshit THEY want to see.

It’s pretty clear to me that calling me crazyburrito was intended as a personal insult (though I don’t care) but I don’t see moderators handing out a warning for that.

And last I checked using the word “fucking” isn’t a prohibited word in ATMB. And if mods are going to start handing out warnings for using the word “fucking” in ATMB, I expect a lot of moderator action in short order. Oh wait. You only see what you want to see, never mind.

Is there a point you want to make, Colibri or are you just talking to hear yourself talk?

I’m sensing some trouble with the F word. He wouldn’t have gotten warned for calling her “Emperor Palpatine Old Lady” but he did get warned for calling her “Fucking Emperor Palpatine Old Lady.” Likewise, he didn’t get warned for saying “you still don’t know what you’re talking about,” but I did recently get warned for saying “You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about” in an ATMB thread.

Are we getting warmer?

ETA: I know how annoying it must be to have otherwise perfectly agreeable posters picking your rules to death to get some concrete answers about them. This probably wouldn’t be happening if your rules weren’t so friggin arbitrary, inconsistent, ever-changing, and just plain hard to figure out.

100% on point.

Are you kidding me? You’ve pretty much made my points for me. You have no idea what the rules are regarding insults in ATMB.

While the use of the word “fucking” by itself is not prohibited, when directed at another poster it’s obviously intended to be insulting. If someone called you “Fucking tacoloco” it’s clearly an insult; it has nothing to do with the alteration of your username. Your insult to Mean Old Lady was more severe than her insult to you.

Pin-pon! If you’re finding yourself getting frustrated by having to explain why someone was sanctioned, then maybe that should be a sign that the issue wasn’t as clear-cut as you thought it was.

I thought I was being rather polite and civil. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, not that I’m protesting your warning or anything, but if it counts for anything at all, I’m not the one who reported your post, if it was reported at all.

I meant that it’s ludicrous that she could expect to say that and get away with it. Though now that you mention it, what she said was in and of itself ludicrous, yes.

This isn’t about MY warning. That’s done, apparently.

This is all about the mods not enforcing the rules consistently.

To whit:

Is there someone here named Emperor Palapatine. I mean they should be righteously indignant at the shocking offense I’ve committed.

I’ll ask again:

Where is the moderation consistency when it comes to personal insults? Even if I stipulate that my comments were “more severe” (whatever that means), a personal insult is a personal insult.

Why do moderators refuse to enforce the rules and enforce the rules consistently?

It’s patently obvious you won’t, despite the fact that a personal insult was leveled at me. Anything else is hand waving and moderator excuse making.