All stick, no carrot.

So… many of you many know that I’m not particularly happy with management here at this job, thanks to some rants I’ve posted in the past. Yet again, though, I’m compelled to shout out a big “Fuck You!” to them.

Our reviews are next week. Not fun. They usually work out as, “Okay, this is what you need to work on. Here, have a token raise.” We already have ten gajillion fucking meetings a week- now we get to have one where we’re the star! :rolleyes:

We have to fill out our review forms, with questions like, “In what way do you suck at your job, and why should we fire your sorry ass?” (I may have paraphrased that question a bit, but the intent’s the same.) I particularly despise this. If you like the work I do, praise and raise me. If you’re unhappy, take me aside for a word, and fire me if I don’t get better. Don’t waste my time and have me fill out a form that you’re going to ignore, anyway. Oh, and don’t think I didn’t notice the fact that there’s no section on “What can we, the company, do better?”, like there was last year. Boy, could I fill THAT question out now.

Today, though, takes the cake. We just got an email telling us that, no, there’s no chance in hell we’re going to get a raise, but that still, the review process is valuable to us. sigh

So basically, this is just going to be a “You suck” meeting, as opposed to a “You suck, have some extra money” meeting.

Pardon me if I’m underwhelmed.

Maybe you can make a game of it; see how many corporate buzzwords you can cram into your form, or something. See how many pages you can fill without saying anything at all. Who knows; this may impress your manager so much that you’re finally getting on board with the company paradigm and working to think outside the box so that the restructuring benefits the thought processes of the team…

I was unaware that my employers had an Austin branch… but they must because you have just described my workplace to a “t”.

I feel your pain… 5 days a week.

This is why I love being a contract worker. Hours = dollars, baby. No reviews, no forms, no “professional growth”, no unions, no politics.

Also no raise in the last four years… :frowning:

If Microbug gets the job she wants, I may very well be going contract. Kinda scary…

Wow, you just described my old company too Lightnin’. And, for that matter my friends’ companies too.

That’s why I moved to a small partnership with NO SO-CALLED FUCKING PERFORMANCE CRAPPY PLANNING MEETINGS.

Although I wish that I’d thought of calling them “Why you suck” meetings first, yabastard.


That’s what I love about this job: If you’re producing sales, they don’t care if you’re showing up to clients naked and painted red. If it worked, they’d probably start buying you the paint.