All the Dark Places

I’m seeking a juvenile fiction book, titled (unless my memory is in error) All the Dark Places. It’s the story of a teenage boy who goes to explore a cave on his own, a cave named Preacher’s End, and he gets lost in it and manages to lose his flashlight and has to get himself back out in the dark. and Library of Congress web sites are giving me blank stares on this one. Ring a bell with anyone?

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Sorry. Never heard of it. Just don’t get it confused with James Elroy’s “All MY Dark Places”! Definitely NOT a children’s book!

It may be out of print. Have you tried a Barnes and Noble store? They have a computer that could look up the title, and tell you if it is, or not. Try a few of the book auction sites. A.B.E might be able to help you. And, if all else fails, if you know the author’s name, write to him in care of the publisher. I once had an author mail me a book, free of charge. Said he was flattered by my interest.

Hi. I found the book you are looking for on my library’s online card catalog. The title you gave was right. The author is J. Allen Bosworth and it was published by Doubleday in 1968. The plot summary said it was about a 16 yr old boy who becomes lost in a cave in the Appalachians and loses all his sources of light except for 20 matches. There was a copy for sale at, but you can probably interlibrary loan it.