All these buttons are new! I have no idea what I'm doing

Hey, ya’ll. It’s been years. I’m hoping I can get somebody to help me out with the buttons I know some code Bold, italics, [urli=]star wars joke[/url], but I have no idea how to respond with quote. Or preview. I see the thing at the right of the screen. I’m just testing here.

[url=star wars joke][urli=]star wars joke[/url

[ur][urll=star wars joke][urli=]star wars joke[/url][/url]

[urll=star wars joke][urli=]star wars joke[/url]

Welcome back!

To quote, highlight the text that you want to quote. The word “quote” appears above the highlighted text. Click on that, and it automatically opens the Reply box and inserts the text in a quote.

If you want to qhote from some other source, highlight the text and save it.

Hit the Reply to open a box.

Type [ quote ] (without the spaces)
Hit return and paste the text in the next line.
Hit return and type [ /quote ] (again, without the spaces)

Will show up in the preview box as quoted text.

Ha! thanks!

If you want to link to an article, just past the bare url on a separate line.

For some posts, not only does it create a box with the title of the article, it will give the first few lines of the article.

And you can multi-quote, just by highlighting each passage and hitting quote each time:

To edit, just click the pencil at the bottom of your post and it will open an editing box.

[url=star wars joke]star wars joke

[url=star wars joke]

I’m having a problem with the linking. I;m a freakin idiot that ridddlled with typos, I know, but I seem to be forgetting the order of the brackets to link to a url.

[url=star wars joke][url=][url]

If you want to make some of your text be a clickable link, you can do it the same way here as on the old board: Put url=address inside square brackets in front of the text, and /url inside square brackets after it.

It looks like what you did in your OP almost worked, but you used “urli” in place of “url” inside your first brackets.

Just in case anybody is concerned, I’m not trying to spam this comic. I’m just using it as an innocuous thing to practice linking.

vBulletin code is irrelevant in Discourse, so don’t bother with any of that. But don’t dispair! Discourse is fairly intuitive. If you have specific questions, best to start by browsing newer threads in Site Feedback or About This Message Board, and if that doesn’t help, go ahead and ask specific questions (“How do I do X?”) and someone will probably help.

I’ll give you an example of something I needed to know when vBulletin code was no longer relevant: Suppose I wanted to embed a link, like this? (CAUTION: Link is a rickroll; sorry, I had to link to something.)

So, how did I do it? First, I typed my text, “Suppose I wanted to embed a link, like this?”

Next, in a new tab/window, I went to the inevitable rickroll, and copied the URL.

Then I returned here, and highlighted “like this?” in the text above. With that text highlighted, I looked at the little icons above the box I was typing in. The fourth one from the left is a stylized chain. I clicked on it, and got a dialogue box that said “Insert Hyperlink” and gave me a field into which I could paste the copied URL." I did so, hit okay, and voila.

star wars comic

That last one worked—at least, I assume it did what you intended.

Or just click on the chain icon at the top of the reply box, and paste the link into the resulting window.