All You Spider Haters Are In For It Now

They’re teaming up with the snakes! And targeting us where we are most vulnerable, our beauty pageants. If Miss Tennessee isn’t safe, can anyone be truly safe?

A brown recluse in front of her, and a rattlesnake behind her?!? Where the fuck was she?

Good on a girl to even notice a brown recluse, though- they can be very hard to spot.

Yikes, I feel for the poor gal, a bad conundrum of fear for her. But, in the spirit of the Straight Dope, if this was in Tuscon, it wasn’t a brown recluse spider , that’s out of it’s range. Could have been an Arizona recluse:

It still has a nasty bite. Poor gal, what are the chances of that poisonous critter dilemma!

In other intense spider news on the web, NPR had a great story today about spiders in Texas building a huge communal web, an anomaly. Great photo. Listen to the interview; there’s some weird things happening out there.

Damn! If they recruit the scorpions, we’re done for! :eek:

Well, I think we’ve found the sequel for “Snakes on a Plane”.

The title of your OP + the text sounds exactly like something that’d appear on Dave Barry’s blog.

Were there Bears, too?
Spiders & Snakes & Bears…OH MY!

Never mind the Bears. It’s squirrels you’ve got to worry about!

This awful incident could have been avoided if the woman had just taken the elevator.

See, this thing could have been very easily avoided by…walking past the spider. Brown recluse spiders are in no way aggressive, and know what it’s reaction probably would have been? Nothing.

People who freak the hell out over spiders make me kind of sad. Spiders are so neat and generally speaking, unless you’re trying to kill one but failing badly, they don’t want to start any trouble with you.

I…um…I don’t like squirrels.
I don’t like them like some people don’t like snakes and spiders.

Well… I don’t have a problem per se with them, but they look like glorified rats with big bushy tails to me.
(But don’t listen to me. I seem to have a problem with rodents in general. Like for instance capybaras --or they seem to have problems with me during games…)

Well, you see…squirrels “broke the deal”. That’s a Seinfeld reference, by the way.
For some reason, I wasn’t included in the big Man-Squirrel accord of 1904. Squirrels know this and don’t like me.
It’s a long story (not really).