All your base are belong to us

Anyone have any idea where this comes from? What it refers to?

It figures prominently in this vid I found amusing:

Awwww ** Dinsdale**, do a search here on that phrase and you’ll find like 3 or 4 (at least) threads about it. I guess it’s some sort of game where the originators didn’t speak English and so the all of the words and so on came out funny.

[sub](um, one of the mods recently closed one of those threads at the OP saying something to the effect of “geez…”)[/sub]

Hell, there’s a locked thread ON THIS VERY PAGE that hasn’t even made it to page 2 yet with this very subject line. And damn if that isn’t a general question…

I had a talking camera that was made in Japan. When it was too dark for the exposure, it said, “Too dahk, use frash.”

If you tried to take picture when it was empty, it said, “Road feerm.”

Sorry folks.
Lock this and throw away the key, please.