Allah Akbar?

So, what’s your opinion?

In other words, are there any muslims here on the boards? I’ve been listening to lots of Qawwali music lately and reading up on Islam, the entire Arab culture fascinates me.

Then I started to think back. I have seen references to people here being black, white, american, japanese and what have you; but never have I seen any kind of muslim thread.

So, am I just reading the wrong threads or what?

— G. Raven

p.s. I’m currently wading through the second page of the “Non-Christian” thread and haven’t found a reference yet

Noticing a dearth of Islamic posters here, and curious about their worldview on subjects I hold dear, I actively went out to recruit a few Muslims for the board.

The result was a Fundie Muslim who annoyed everyone by believing in Creationism and making the same kind of arguments that Fundie Christians made. On one hand, it really showed people are not that different. On the other hand… AHHHHHHH!!!

Another poster was pretty cool though, even participating in an “Ask the Muslim”-type thread which was common around these parts back then. (Witness Esprix and his sig file for a glimpse of how popular those threads became). However, he got bored with the place and left fairly quickly.

I don’t think there are any more Islamic posters on the board at this time. If they are, they haven’t mentioned it, though some folks here are semi-knowledgable about the Koran and the religion in general.

If you wish to recap any of the above, search in Great Debates for “Muslim” and you’ll see the threads that the guys I brought in here were involved with. It was at least several months ago; I think towards the very start of 2000.

Apparently I was hit by the curse of the “Search only last five days” when I did my research :frowning:

Thanks for the info and I’m really annoyed to hear about that Creato guy (or whatever the word of the day is), sorry to hear it too. I hope you have more luck in the future!

So, how’s about getting some “Ask the whatever” threads going again? I’ve only been around for a couple in my time.

— G. Raven