I am Muslim and I follow the teaching of the Prophet. Am I welcome here ?

Allah Akbar (God is Great)

Of course. Welcome! We have many Muslims here. You’ll learn alot here; I know I have.

Asa Lama Lakem, my brother.

(did I spell that right?)

Welcome, AlahAkbar!

Salaam aleikum Akbar

I didn’t spot that many Muslims around so far, but as you can see I became only recently a member.

See you around.

Salaam. A.

I fear that many Muslims whom I refer to as my brothers and sisters are in fact fundamentalist fanatics bent on the destruction of the infidels.

I am a man of peace. I have forgiven the white man for his pillaging of my homeland, his rape of our women, his vile and disgusting culture. I know that ALLAH will in time command us to rule the world but we will do so in a peacefull and benevolent manner.



IA! IA! Cthulhu fhtagn! Ph’nglui mglw’nahf Cthulhu
R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhatagn. Ng’ngri rty’wnhal gshtn y’aghn!

Those do not sound like words of forgiveness to me. However, if you want to bait people into attacking your posts by writing something so controversial, then you should do so in the BBQ Pit forum.

And one thing that I feel I should point out: It’s possible to be both Caucasian and Muslim, so generalizing that “the white man” is your enemy makes no sense. Actually, that seems pretty racist, and strikes me as being similar to someone who believes that all Muslims are terrorists.

You know, for once I think I agree with you.

Whadda ya mean, “for once”? Cthulhu demands respect 24-7 :D.

AlahAkbar: I’d direct you to GD for witnessing, but it appears you have already found it, so that’s all good.

I’ll also re-iterate Joe Random’s point, that there are plenty of white Muslims ( and historically most of the inhabitants of the MENA were considered “caucasian” even under many of the old 19th century racialist classification schemes ) and Islam these days is a universalist religion. So the “white man” stuff is more than a little topsy-turvy.

Also calling non-Muslim culture “vile and disgusting” is probably NOT the most effective way to witness ;).

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AllahAkhbar sounds to me like he is trying to bait people. It should be in the BBQ pit.

AlahAkbar, your posts are inappropriate for GQ.

Please read forum descriptions carefully before you post your next question.

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