Allan Sherman Reference

I’ve been wondering this for a while now. Maybe the TMs can shed some light on this.

In Allan Sherman’s medley Schticks and Stones (My Son the Folk Singer album) he sings to the tune of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen:
God bless you, Jerry Mandelbaum
Let nothing you dismay
This May you had a rotten month
So what is there to say
Let’s hope next May is better
And good things will come your way
And you won’t have a feeling of dismay
Next May

Who was this Jerry/Gerald/Jerome Mandlebaum/Mendlebaum character? I can’t find any reference anywhere about him.

I don’t think it’s anyone – Sherman often used made-up names that sounded Jewish and fit the meter (“Jerry Mandelbaum” scans as “Merry Gentlemen”). He sometimes did use real names of people with a satiric point, but there are plenty of examples of him simply using made-up names just so the lines would scan.

Yep, it’s just a play on words: “Merry Gentlemen/Jerry Mendelbaum.” I always wondered why he didn’t use “Jerry Mendleman,” would have sounded closer.

He was a cousin of Sarah Jackman.

He’s nice, too. He’s nice, too.

Forget Jerry, who are Harvey and Sheila?

Sheila’s a girl I know at BBD&O–she works the PBX, and makes out the checks.

I heard after they got married they joined the GOP.

But on Election Day, they worked for JFK.

I went to camp with one of their sons. Had a crush on his older twin sisters, but never made anything of it—I got ptomaine poisoning and had to leave early.

Wasn’t he was Zelda’s brother?

I remember you! You’re the guy who bent the plug on the headphone cord for my radio.

Don’t forget the righteous Sir Greenbaum.

Many dragons had felt the might of the smite of the righteous Sir Greenbaum!

there’s also the ballad of Harry Lewis, who worked in the clothing business with Irving Roth.
(if you don’t get the joke, sing along please:
"Glory, Glory, Harry Lewis…Glory, glory Harry Lewis…
For he hath trampled thru the warehouse where the drapes of Roth are stored… " )

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Poor fellow - he had to give up smoting for good.

Yeah. And it had to be the one they discontinued.

I didn’t mind the cherry that had no stone
I didn’t mind the chicken that had no bone
But when you give a baby there’s just one thing
You oughtta give at least an engagement ring.

I have a friend, his name is Lang, and he has a neon sign.
Mr. Lang is mighty old so they call it “Old Lang’s Sign”.

That’s because you didn’t heed the warning to not buy the liverwurst - which had been there since October first, and today is the 23rd of May.