Allan Sherman Reference

Could be worse. You remember Jerry Hardy? They’re about to organize a searching party.

Is there anyone who does not watch (“Fantasia”) or listen to Ponichelli’s “Dance of the Hours” and immediately start singing “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh”?

“Fantasia”? Was that the one with Dorothy Gish (what a dish!)?

Anyone else a fan of The Rape of the A.P.E.?

Yeah. I’ve re-read it countless times.
And I’ve searched out old Allen Sherman records as the second-hand stores. I’ve got a pretty com,plete collection of his LPs

A damnfine book-funny, yet pretty accurate.

When I was a wee lad, I dropped one of my Dad’s treasured Alan Sherman LPs, and put a chip in it. From then on, you had to start playing the record at the second song. When I got older, I started to look for a replacement, until one day (30 years later) I found My Son, the Box, and gave it to him as a present - he loved it!

On my ipod, and I love it too. I may have to follow it up with ‘When You’re in Love, The Whole World is Jewish’

Thought it was a great bit of social history.

As Og as my witness, I have one of these sitting on a shelf with my other antique knick-knacks. My Grandfather gave it to me circa 1969. AM only, I used to listen to it as a kid, through the holes in the leather case! If you took it out, it had a little chrome stand that flipped out so you could stand it up!
We miss you Allan!

I love you guys!

At work I am quite often caught singing, “I See Bones” while taking x-rays.

Started putting together an Allan Sherman: Annotated page. Let me know what you think!

Brilliant! Keep it up!

My god, his stuff stays in your brain for 50 years. I remember as a wee tyke asking my mother to explain all the cultural references (and neither of us even remotely knew anyone Jewish).

Whenever I ponder lapel widths I still think of My Zelda, who took the money and ran with the tailor.

I’m going to question the use of the word “search” here; I can’t NOT find Allen Sherman records at second-hand stores.

I spend too much time looking for used vinyl and it’s “My Son The Folk Singer”, “My Son The Nut”, “Whipped Cream and Other Delights”, “My Son The Folk Singer”, “My Son The Folk Singer”, “Whipped Cream and Other Delights”, “My Son The Folk Singer”…* Geez, don’t they have any Beatles?* No, but here’s “My Son The Folk Singer” again…

We obviously look in different stores. The one I found most of mine in doesn’t have old vinyl anymore. The others I’ve looked in don’t seem to have Allen Sherman. Obviously, YMMV.

Harvey went to M.I.T. and got his PhD! I think he’s a CPA with IBM.

good work.

much of your young brain that was taken up by this, Disney and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

later generations got to learn some as kids and boomers got that.

Shinna Minna Ma got the order wrong. They didn’t join the GOP until after they moved to West L.A.

Wasn’t that about the time they traded in their used MG for an XKE?